“I would’ve lost it here”: Boy talks about what he wants to be when he grows up

  • A young boy dressed in his graduation gown walked to the microphone to speak about what he wanted to be when he grew up
  • In the video, the boy expressed his desire to be like his father, whom he considered the best, and then returned to sit with his classmates
  • The audience, clearly moved by the boy’s heartfelt aspiration, reacted with enthusiastic applause

A young boy, wearing his graduation gown, walked up to the microphone to talk about what he wanted to be when he grew up.

In the video, the boy said he wanted to be like his father because he thought his dad was the best.

Little boy speaks on graduation day on what he wants to be when he grows upYoung boy speaks on future plans on graduation day. Photo credit: @corriepatrick33Source: TikTok

After speaking, he went back to sit with his classmates. The audience, clearly touched by the boy’s words, clapped enthusiastically for him, as shared by @corriepatrick33.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Glenda said:

“Without the music pls.”

Pbnj Family wrote:

“These dads are out here really doing best thing!”

Corrie y responded:

“His dad really is the best!!”


“The best complement any father could get.”

Corrie y responded:

“His dad deserves it too. He may drive me nuts, but he is an amazing dad!!”


“He aspires to be a dad!! All because he is being raised by a good one!”


“I would’ve lost it here I am crying over strangers lol.”


“Omg I would’ve been in shambles.”


“No, because this would make my husband cry like a big baby so freaking cute.”


“The way he looked at his dad after 9 Corrie I cried again watching the video & noticing that part.”

Bailey Skinner:

“I can only hope I pick a great dad to my children.”


“I found mine at the restaurant I was working at. I was his waitress. We had our boy less than a year later.”

Boy walks confidently after wearing official dress

Fox Nigeria reported that a captivating TikTok video of a little boy who put on a smart and stylish suit for his special graduation day has captured the hearts of many online viewers.

The young chap expressed his delight and excitement not only for completing his academic journey but also for dressing up in a sophisticated look that made him feel and look suave and handsome.

He strutted confidently with his hand casually tucked in his pocket and walked with a spring in his step like a mature and accomplished grown-up.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a heartwarming video of a little boy’s ecstatic dance on his special graduation day has warmed hearts.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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