“I spent N53,000 on material”: Nigerian lady in the UK opens up on hair-making

  • A Nigerian lady revealed the costs associated with hairstyling in the UK, sparking immediate online interest
  • She expressed frustration over clients bemoaning the hairdo’s price, neglecting the expense of purchasing materials
  • She disclosed that materials for a single hairstyle amounted to N53,000, casting doubt on public awareness of such costs

A Nigerian lady in the UK recently took to the internet to share a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in hairstyling within the UK, sparking widespread discussion and interest among netizens.

In her candid post, she voiced her exasperation with clients who frequently complain about the steep prices charged for hairdos, yet fail to consider the significant outlay required to procure the necessary materials.

The Nigerian lady poured her heart outThe lady opened up about hair business in the UK. Photo credit: @hairdailydoseSource: TikTok

She elaborated on the financial realities of her profession, explaining that the materials alone for crafting a single, intricate hairstyle can cost as much as N53,000 as shown on @hairdailydose.

This revelation served to highlight the often-overlooked expenses that stylists must shoulder, and she questioned whether the general public truly understands the economic demands of such services.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Hairstylist in Sheffields said:

“Very annoying I tell you &like they pay bills in naira here in Uk.The first timeI knew is not worth converting was when I wanted to renew my Apple Music I saw £10 and back in Nigeria #1500.”

Jayblush wrote:

“Not everyone is a resident though. Some are vacationing and not earning. They are spending their naira. So let them convert in peace.”


“They should get their hair done in Nigeria or wherever before coming also, everything is being bought/sold in pounds here.”


“Please I want that exact locs.”

Ethan Alora:

“I don stop to Dey plait hair oo. I will focus on my job that pays me well. On my off day I sleep.”

Lhoirs UK:

“Na you Dey mind them ni eeeeeeee. No dey send anybody’s papa again.”

Styledby Sonia:

“And they will be asking is hair included even with my fair price oo.”


“It is better to let them buy it themselves, that’s what I do for my clients. let them buy them attachments or whatsoever they wants to use and charge for my services.”

Lady plaits Oyinbo’s hair into braids

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a short video shared by a hardworking lady, @jennifera271, based in France, has shown how she has been hustling hard with her hairdressing skill to make money.

At the beginning of the TikTok clip, the lady sat down with photos of different hairstyles pasted on cardboard she held as a form of advert.

Seconds into the video, she could be seen braiding an oyinbo lady’s hair as many people gathered around her in amazement.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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