“I showed her”: Man takes revenge on lady who took N85k but didn’t show up twice

  • A Nigerian man has recalled how he got even with a lady who received transport fare from him on two occasions but never visited his house
  • He said it was during his law school and that he met the Lagos-based girl on X (formerly Twitter)
  • After seeing how the lady cunningly used him, the young man came up with a fictitious story that eventually put her in his trap

A man has narrated how he dealt with a lady whom he gave transport fare twice but failed to show up.

In a lengthy thread on X, @Oluwanonso_Esq said they flirted and agreed to meet physically after connecting on X.

Mixed reactions as man takes revenge on lady who collected t-fare twice but didn't come to his houseHe played the lady the third time.
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During his law externship in Asaba, he sent her N30k to spend the weekend with him, but the Lagos-based lady cunningly came up with a story after not being reachable on the D-day.

“The Friday she was supposed to arrive in Asaba, her phone number wasn’t going through. I called and texted all through but to no avail. Her phone was switched off and all my texts unreplied.

“On Sunday evening, she called me and told me that she fainted on her way to the park…,” he wrote.

The second time, he sent her N50k to come see him and she gave an excuse of losing her cousin from her mother’s side.

The young man pretended to understand and plotted his revenge.

The young man’s revenge

After completing his law school, he lied to her that he had gotten a job at an American company that came with a car.

@Oluwanonso_Esq sent her pictures of his well-equipped duplex, and this time, she offered to spend the week with him. It was at this point she fell into his trap. On how he exacted his revenge, he wrote:

“On the day she was to come to Abuja, she called me early in the morning to update me before leaving the house. She called when she got to the park, when he bus left Lagos, when she was at Lokoja stopover.

“She called when she arrived at the Park in Abuja.

“I told her to walk out of the park and take a bike to RainOil Petrol Station at Gwarinpa, where I would be waiting to pick her up with my car.

“After getting off the phone with her, I switched off my phone, plugged it to charge, took off my shirt and slept off in front my fan…”

Another man had caught a lady who collected N3k t-fare but refused to come to his house.

See his thread below:

@Oluwanonso_Esq’s story stirred reactions

@Legal01eagle said:

“100k spent to have a lady.

“The sacrifices of men for the female gender cannot be quantified but it always worth it…for a lesson and for leisure.”

@HarunaNuhu said:

“I gots follow you. E look something wey I fit do but I no go reach where you reach. My gbos dey come sharply.”

@LovetShilton said:

“Am I the only one who thinks this guy didn’t do enough, like am slightly disappointed.

“U didn’t go that extra mile bro.”

@Maleekoyibo said:

“Thus is cold, i love it.

“Emphasis on, “ in front of my fan.”

@Hakeem_Onitolo said:

“This ending sweet me dieee .”

@harrisonJNIOR said:

“How many year you done plan this revenge guy.”

@asherslim said:

“You sent her 85k in total. What year was that? Because we need to use the exchange rate then to calculate how much you truly lost through relationship scam. “

Man makes lady refund his N16k t-fare

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man had made a lady refund the N16k he gave her for transportation after she denied him fun.

The lady (@badgirllalla) revealed that the man paid N16,000 for her Uber because the distance between her place and his was quite far.

In a post she shared on Twitter, she said matters entirely changed when she got to his place, and the man offered her an iPhone in exchange for intimacy. Things quickly turned around when the lady refused his offer.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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