“I Have Recovered Everything I Lost”: Man Who Was Knocked Down by Neighbour in 2013 Makes It Big

  • A Nigerian man has stirred emotions online after sharing the darkest moment of his life and how he got through it
  • The man recounted how his neighbour mistakenly knocked him down in 2013 while he was opening the gate for her
  • According to him, it took him two lonely years to recover from that accident as he lost everything he owned

A Nigerian man has recounted how a kind act of opening the gate for his neighbour made him lose everything he had.

He shared his painful experience via the X app and emotional comments poured in from netizens.

Man shares story of his life after neighbour knocked him downMan shares how neighbour knocked him down
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Man says he nearly fell into depression

The man identified on X as @YemiCastano revealed that he returned from the UK in 2013 and that was the darkest moment of his life.

According to him, he was opening the gate for his neighbour when she lost control of her car and knocked him down, leaving his right leg broken.

The man stated that his neighbor had unintentionally driven over his right leg which left him incapacitated for two years.

He lost everything he had because of that accident, including his job and savings.

Speaking on his recovery journey in Nigeria, he said the first thing he did was to forgive and resist the urge to entertain negative thoughts.

He also disclosed that he avoided sympathy visits from people and also read a lot of books.

He added that l today, he has recovered everything he lost back then tenfolds and feels fulfilled.

In his words:

“In 2013, I returned home from UK. While opening the gate for a neighbor to drive in, she lost control of the car, knocked me down, and drove over my right leg. Broken!!!

“The outcome was a 2-year lonely, depressing road to recovery. Lost my job, my savings, everything l owned. Today, all I lost, l have now recovered 10 folds. I am very happy now, fine and fulfilled. How did I recover?

“My recovery started with forgiveness, and then I vowed never to let negative thoughts thrive within and avoided too many sympathy visits. I read lots of books too. There is so much miracle in positivity.

“When you go through things stay confident and positive, even at your lowest point. Absolutely nothing can shake me anymore. It’s a mindset.”

Reactions as man recounts terrifying experience

The comments section was filled with sympathetic reactions from netizens.

@SoftBigailo reacted:

“I’m sorry about your experience and thank God for the recovery. I love the positive mindset, working on mine presently. I pray I recover all what I have lost in 7folds.”

@CountessVi said:

“Jesus, I am so sorry. I hope you are better now. I have a relative who knocked her sister in law to death in a similar scenario. The family hasn’t been the same.”


“Wow, many thanks for sharing. Glad you accomplished your goals.”

@therealsochill reacted:

“I’m so sorry about what happened sir. Glad you healed not only from the injury but even the trauma. You have always inspired me and I’m glad I met you.”

@AObilana reacted:

“Sorry about the incident. But not to make light of your experience or the pain you must have felt for those years, do you still help people open gate? And did people understood you when you refrain from doing some certain things?”

@AmakaEkeng said:

“Hi Dr. Yemi, If you don’t mind, l’d like to ask you some more questions about this experience privately, to learn something to apply to a current situation I’m facing. Do I have your permission?”

Watch the video below:

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Source: Fox Nigeria

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