“I Have No Savings”: First Son Catering for 4 Siblings With N370k Salary Falls Into Depression

  • A young man who takes care of his mother and four siblings with his N370k salary has lamented bitterly over his condition
  • The first son does not have any savings, neither does he spend up to N100k on himself due to his financial responsibilities
  • Unfortunately, the 26-year-old has now become depressed over the stress of training his four siblings in the university

The story of a 26-year-old first son who has become depressed after shouldering the financial responsibilities of his four siblings has got netizens emotional.

The young man who earns N370,000 monthly was forced to take charge of the responsibilities after his father passed.

Man laments over financial burdenNigerian man earning N370k salary unable to save
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First son goes into depression

An X user identified as @MrMekzy_ shared the story on the platform, generating tons of comments from concerned Nigerians.

He narrated that that the guy was left alone to care of his mother and four siblings with a salary of N370,000.

Mekzy said the 26-year-old man opened up that doesn’t spend up to N100k out of his salary on himself.

The young man was training his four siblings at the same time in the higher institution including fending for his mother.

Mekzy wrote:

“Some people have it so hard in life. I had a conversation with a guy who earns 370k monthly as salary but doesn’t spend up to 100k on himself and he doesn’t even have savings.

“His dad is late, mum not doing anything meaningful, he’s the first son and he has 4 siblings that he’s sponsoring in school and he’s just 26. He’s so depressed.”

Reactions as first son laments over responsibilities

Netizens in the comments section revealed that those are some of the consequences of being the first child in a middle class family.

@MrOdanz said:

“There is no reward for being a first child from a middle class (or below) family sha.”

@Tobicods reacted:

“That’s his fault! The first step to becoming rich, is to be stingy.”

@The said:

“If he’s only 26 and the first child, then why’s his mom not working? Dem wan kill that boy?”

@tadererah_ said:

“Wow! I actually thought this only happens in nollywood movies cause how’s no one in the family supporting him?His mum and immediate sibling have no excuse. I started working at 17 after secondary school before I gained admission, my dad was against it even but I just wanted to make myself useful and make my own money.”

@subpharmacist reacted:

“I applaud him for what he is doing. It’s not easy to take on that responsibility at that age. If I was to be in his shoes, I will do something differently. I won’t be sponsoring the entire four siblings in school. I will sponsor just one or maximum of two that show the highest aptitude for school. The remaining two (or 3) 1 will enroll them in where they would learn handwork, so the load can be less on me.”

@Kingsleymaximo said:

“This is difficult but be will be glad he did it in the near future. Sponsoring the education of your siblings is the best investment for the family. In few years, they will all be independent. Better to carry them for 4 years than to carry them for the rest of his life.”

@rare_crown reacted:

“I am the first child. My acct is always in zero, zero savings. I think of the family before thinking of my self.”

@the tech_writer said:

“Shouldering such a heavy responsibility at that young age is unhealthy for him mentally, physically, and financially. What happens if he suddenly lose that job? He should detach a bit and focus on building himself, career, and future. May God bless him.”

See the post below:

Man earning N300k salary laments over hardship

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Halidu Ajaka, a 29-year-old accountant at a private company in Nigeria, earns 300,000 naira monthly.

Halidu who lives with his wife and young child in Abuja spoke about how the current economic hardship affected him and his family.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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