“I felt it”: Student nurse speaks about young man and his father’s echoing words

  • A student nurse shared a distressing account of a patient’s ordeal that profoundly affected her, leaving a lasting imprint on her memory
  • She detailed the urgent hospitalisation of a young married man who, despite the dedicated efforts of the healthcare team, ultimately did not survive
  • The unfolding of the tragic event and the moving final words spoken by the man’s father continue to haunt her thoughts, causing her emotional turmoil

A student nurse narrated a harrowing ordeal involving a patient at a hospital, an incident that lingered in her memory for months.

In a video, she described how a young married man was urgently admitted to the hospital and, despite the medical team’s exhaustive attempts, succumbed to death.

Student nurse narrated an incident that happened in hospitalStudent nurse shares a distressing event about a family. Photo credit: @ruthieofthemosthighSource: TikTok

Student nurse narrates traumatising experience

The manner in which the event transpired, coupled with the poignant last words from the man’s father, incessantly echoed in her mind, causing lasting distress, as shown by @ruthieofthemosthigh_.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Jem reacted:

“That’s how a&e doctors do, they would never tell the relatives that the patient is dead,Then they would commence CPR just to try i had a lot of trauma.”

Becky said:

“Please was the name of your school in osogbo am looking for own i can go.”

Kaffy06 wrote:

“Having to see my mum at the A nd E bed as patient wen I was on my and E posting nd after she was moved to the ward she died few days after.”


“As a student in the preclinical student and I felt it and I prayed for myself that I will face every challenge and God will see me through it.”

Suoernatural Being:

“The lord gave you strength and you know your Father.”


“Life as a student nurse is very emotional sometimes because if you, you see some patient you will just burst out crying.”

Enny forShowo:

“This is heartbreaking…alot is going on.”


“There was this man about 10-15mins after he packed the relatives were still praying and calling pastor outside cos he suddenly became restless.”

Student nurse shares her childbirth experience

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a young student nurse narrated her inaugural childbirth experience on TikTok.

The clip depicted her in the delivery room, awaiting the moment the mother would bring forth her infant.

The culmination of the video revealed the triumphant delivery, capturing the nurse’s elation alongside the newborn.

There is also a story of a Nigerian nurse in Germany who offers a more comprehensive narrative about her life and the nature of her work.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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