“I Earn N50k Monthly, How Can I Still Do a Proper Wedding?” Relationship Coach Explains How

  • With age fast catching up with him, a Nigerian man, who earns N50k monthly has sought advice on how to do a proper wedding
  • According to him, his girlfriend understands the situation of things and is fortunately not interested in an elaborate wedding
  • Ola Moses, a relationship and life coach, has detailed how a N50 salary earner can still pull off a good wedding

A Nigerian man anonymously wrote:

“Please, I need advice on how to do a wedding with a small salary.

Relationship coach shares how to do a proper wedding with a N50k salaryA relationship coach, Ola Moses believes a N50k salary earner can do a proper wedding.
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“The truth of the matter is that age is no longer on my side and with that in mind, I want to do a wedding. I earn N50k every month and would like to know how to properly plan a wedding with my little resources.

“My girlfriend does not really care about an elaborate union as she is also very understanding.”

Ola Moses is a certified life and relationship coach from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, Scotland, whose approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients. He helps his clients live their best lives by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be by providing relationship advice and personal development strategies.

Planning a wedding with N50k salary

Planning a wedding with a 50k monthly income is tasking but doable. But before I go into that, let me state categorically that I do not recommend marriage for someone who earns 50k monthly except if your partner earns better.

Money is very important in marriage. If you have been managing well with the 50k salary, the moment you get married the 50k won’t be enough.

Let’s go back to the question, how can I plan a proper wedding with 50k?

Join a monthly contribution

I recommend you start saving long before the wedding, probably joining a monthly contribution. If you can save 20k, which is very slim, 20k in a monthly contribution can birth 200k.

I usually don’t recommend personal savings because one day, hunger can drive you to your savings and you will be inspired to break the save by the same hunger.

Be sincere to yourself

Be sincere to yourself, you don’t need a loud wedding. Just go to the court and get yourself legally married and do a small parlour engagement ceremony and that’s all. Religious weddings are not important.

Don’t cut your coat according to size

Don’t cut your cloth according to your size, cut it according to the materials you have. The fact that you want something doesn’t mean you can have it.

Cut what needs to be cut out and focus on what needs your focus.

Discuss with your partner

Let’s assume the 50k earner is a man, discuss with your partner and let your partner have a serious talk with her family without selling you cheap.

Why? Bride price and other things you will be asked to bring. The bride prices can be reduced so you don’t have to cut your throat because you are looking for money.

Cut down on certain things

There are some things we buy that are not compulsory. For example, a new belt or shoes. If you have a very nice shoe that will shine well when you polish it, please put it on.

Say no to reception, service the little crowd at the engagement there and there, and let them go. Say no to reception, service the little crowd at the engagement, and let them go.

Say no to the order of the program booklet. It’s a waste of your money. Forget hiring an event planner. Remember you are having a small event. Just run around yourself and you can bring your friend or siblings into it.

The most important things

The most important things in the wedding (engagement) are the couples, the parents of the couples and the bride prices (eru iyawo).

The crowd is optional, so skip the crowd and save your money for the marriage, which will come after the wedding ceremony is over.

Man who spent N50k for wedding speaks

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian man had shared why he spent N50k for his wedding.

Due to the challenging economy, he said he had to do it within his financial ability. He said he was inspired by a Senior Special Assistant on Media to the Delta state Governor, Sheriff Oborevwori, Ossai Ovie Succes, who said that people should not spend above their financial capacity for a wedding.

The bride rocked a grey dress with okuku (Benin hairstyle), while the groom wore a grey shirt that matched his wife’s attire as they were joined in church. In another set of pictures, the couple wore red and white traditional outfits.

Disclaimer: Advice given in this article is general in nature and is not intended to influence readers’ decisions about investing or financial products. They should always seek their own professional advice that takes into account their own personal circumstances before making any financial decision.

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Source: Fox Nigeria

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