“I Don’t Want Wahala”: Nigerian Senator Abruptly Ends Live Interview Amid Budget Inquiry

  • A Nigerian Senator sparked controversy when he abruptly walked out of a live interview session where he was questioned about the 2024 budget
  • During the interview, the senator claimed to have no knowledge of the subject, prompting inquiries as to why an elected official would lack familiarity with the national budget
  • As the questioning continued, the senator opted to terminate the virtual interview session, citing his desire to use the platform to express gratitude to his constituents for their support

Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, the senator representing Cross River North in the National Assembly, caused a stir on national television when he abruptly ended a live interview upon being questioned about a controversial budget issue.

The senator evidently preferred cutting short the interview, despite the audience of Nigerians both at home and abroad, rather than risk facing suspension like another senator involved in a similar budget controversy.

Senator Jarigbe in a live feed during an interview session with Arise NewsSenator Jarigbe said he could not continue the grilling session as it could put him in a dangerous spot with Senate leaders
Image: Arise NewsSource: Twitter

Appearing as a virtual guest on Arise News Channel’s Breakfast show, Senator Jarigbe faced inquiries about the 2024 Budget, which has garnered widespread attention across the nation.

To the surprise of the newsroom, the senator claimed to be unfamiliar with the budget details, the Leadership reported.

When pressed about why he lacked knowledge of the country’s financial plans, the lawmaker deflected blame by questioning whether the newsroom themselves were informed, to which they responded that it was his responsibility as an elected official.

“I was not elected by the people of Cross River North, you are, it is your duty, I believe, not mine (to scrutinize the budget), but let’s move on…,” the TV anchor responded.

However, the senator remained adamant, expressing frustration with the focus on budget matters instead of discussing his constituents’ needs.

He said:

“Come oh, what is this budget, budget talk nah? I want to talk about my thanksgiving and representation to my people, you people are doing budget, budget, I will walk away oh. You people want me to say something that I will go and face wahala, you should allow me oh, let me serve my people quietly.”

“I Received N1bn Allocation for Constituency Projects”, Says Sen. Ned Nwoko

In the past, TheTalk.NG previously reported that Senator Ned Nwoko, who represented Delta North, had announced that he had obtained N1 billion for projects in his constituency.

He made this revelation during a conversation with Seun Okinbaloye on the ‘Mic On Podcast’ on Channels Television.

Nwoko’s disclosure occurred amid the controversy stirred by Senator Abdul Ningi concerning alleged budget padding in the 2024 budget.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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