“I Dislike Crocs”: Actress Abigail Timothy Shares Beauty Routine, Fashion Icon Desire, Other Issues

  • Nollywood actress Abigail has opened up about her fashion sense and her aspirations to become a fashion icon
  • In an interview with TheTalk.NG, she also spoke about what she does before she starts to interpret a movie role
  • She further shared what her beauty routine is like, and the fashion items she can’t be caught wearing

Nollywood actress and makeup artist Abigail has shared what her beauty routine is like and what influences her fashion sense.

In an interview with TheTalk.NG, she also spoke about how she prepares for a movie role, and her desire to become a fashion icon like her top colleagues in the industry, among other issues.

Actress Abigail Timothy looks beautiful in her attireActress Abigail Timothy displays her fashion sense. Image credit: @_talentedabbieSource: Instagram

Comfort influences Abigail’s fashion sense

Her desire to be comfortable influences her fashion sense. She said:

“As an actress, my fashion sense is primarily influenced by comfort and practicality, with consideration for the prevailing weather conditions. What I wear on a sunny day will be different from what I wear on a mild day.”

The role interpreter ensures that she is ready mentally before she features in a movie. In her words:

“Before beginning a movie shoot, I ensure to prepare mentally and physically, focusing on understanding my character. Additionally, I prioritise getting my hair done to suit the role. Some of the movies I’ve featured in include the Nigerian High school series Class of Secrets Seasons 1 and 2, which famously gave me the name Kene, as well as a Nigerian Chinese-themed college series Red Strings Season 1, along with several short films.”

What is Abigail’s aspiration?

Just her senior colleagues in the industry who are now being described as fashion icons, Abigail wishes to get to that level. She said:

“Certainly, I aspire to become a fashion icon in the future. I believe that fashion and films are intertwined, and I see myself leveraging my platform as an actress to make a mark in the world of fashion.”

Speaking of her beauty routine and the fashion item she can’t be caught wearing, she said, “

“My beauty routine is quite elaborate. Being a professional makeup artist myself, I prioritise maintaining a polished appearance. I ensure my nails are always well-groomed, and I meticulously apply makeup to enhance my features, especially when heading out or attending a shoot. The one fashion item I avoid is crocs! They’re not just my style, and I can’t imagine ever wearing them.”

Yomi Black gives peek into his style

In an earlier interview with TheTalk.NG, actor and filmmaker Yomi Black had opened up on what influences his fashion preferences and his decision to follow trends.

He also spoke about his most expensive fashion accessory.

Also, he revealed how he likes to keep his hair while noting that maintaining long hair is quite expensive.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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