“I Can’t Do This for Anyone”: Lady Busts Into Tears After Meeting Her Celebrity Crush, Mercy Johnson

  • A video of a lady who loves Mercy Johnson so much and regards her as her crush has been sighted on social media
  • In the recording, Johnson got to a place and saw the lady who busted into tears and hugged the actress tightly
  • Johnson was heard saying that she would come back to see her after she might have gotten hold of her emotions as she appreciated her

A lady on social media has generated reactions with the way she acted after seeing Mercy Johnson.

In the viral video, the Lady was seen hugging Johnson tight and she held onto her and was crying profusely. According to her friend, who was also present at the scene, the lady regards the actress who had a cancer scare as her celebrity crush.

She became emotional upon seeing Johnson and she couldn’t control herself again.

Lady cries after meeting Mercy Johnson.Lady cries after meeting Mercy Johnson. Photo credit@mercyjohnsonokojie/@faith.udinSource: Instagram

Mercy Johnson comforts the lady

In the video, Johnson, who shared a cryptic post a few days ago said that her head was swelling up.

The mother of four promised to come back to see her after she might have gotten hold of her herself and stopped crying.

See the post here:

How fans reacted to the clip

Reactions have trailed the way the lady behaved after seeing Johnson. Here are some of the comments below:


“Me, when I get to meet my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”


“Me when I finally meet Jesus.”


“Can you just imagine, I no send anyone.”


“Nothing fit make me cry because I see celebrity.”


“I never see celebrity way go make me cry.”


“She’s a great actress not a demigod.’


“Na jesus Christ fit make me cry like this IF I see him.”


“The day I will meet Jesus face face ! I go too cry o coz that my man don too try for me.”


“Una toooo mumu eeeeh.”


“There’s not one human celebrity on the face of the earth that’ll make me grovel like that , not one.”

Fans admire Mercy Johnson

TheTalk.NG had reported that Johnson made some of her fans happy after meeting them.

The actress had met her fans and acknowledged them upon seeing them. She was dressed casually as she was busy at a movie location.

She was also carrying bags as if she was returning from the market.

The lady who was making the video gushed over her and the actress moved closer to greet her.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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