“How Do You Go to the Bathroom?”: Lady with Longest Nail in the World Breaks Silence

  • A Guinness record-holding lady recently opened up about her life with the world’s longest fingernails, revealing the unique challenges and adaptations required for daily tasks
  • She delved into the intricacies of her wardrobe choices and dressing techniques, accommodating her extraordinary nails
  • She satisfied public curiosity by sharing her strategies for managing personal hygiene activities with her lengthy nails

Dianna Armstrong, a lady who held the Guinness World Record for the longest fingernails, broke her silence in a comprehensive interview.

In the clip, she discussed various topics, including the methods she employed to dress herself and the specific types of clothing she was able to wear.

The lady opened up about her experience as a record holderThe lady responded to questions about some of her limitations. Photo credit: Guinness World RecordSource: Facebook

Furthermore, she addressed the public’s fascination by explaining how she managed to use the restroom and toilet facilities despite the considerable length of her nails.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to the lady’s interview

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Hannan Ashraf said:

“She refuses to use her hands even when they are fine, She lives like a disabled person even when she’s physically fine, but yes she’s got mental problems clearly.”

Macben Dominic wrote:

“You guys help her cut it. She is literally suffering.”

EJ Camacho:

“Very stressful record it’s affects your every moves, works and your everyday life.”


“Very beyond reason.”

Mensah Hanniel:

“This is the most stressful thing ever to do..Anyway did she became the richest person in the world after keeping these long fingernails. I don’t know why people deliberately inflict pins into their lives.”

Nicole Papa:

“They are not getting payed…..so i cant find a reason why some people put themselves in such a pain and difficulty….k..you made your piece you took the first place…get a life…nove forward.”

Runwell Kamota:

“She can’t even laugh properly.”

Man achieves 152 football touches with his abdomen

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that Chukwuebuka Ezugha, a talented Nigerian football freestyler, amazed the world by setting a new Guinness world record for the most touches of a football with his abdomen in one minute.

He demonstrated incredible skill and stamina by achieving 152 touches, as shown in the video that was posted by Guinness World Records on their official website on 30th December, 2023.

The instagram caption from the official handle of Guinness World Record.

There is also a story about a Nigerian man, John Obot, who got approval from Guinness World Records to read for 145 hours has started.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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