How Church worker killed pastor over woman

The altar, where priests pray, became a place of terrible violence at Grace of Comfort Parish of the Celestial Church of Christ in Ile-Ife, Osun State.

It wasn’t just anyone who was killed there—it was the leader of the church, Most Senior Evangelist Morris Fadehan, by his assistant, Lekan Ogundipe. They had been arguing a lot.

Ogundipe waited inside the church and attacked Fadehan while he was praying on the altar. He stabbed him many times in the head, put a nail through his ear and nose, then dragged his body off the altar, wrapped it in clothes, and set it on fire.

During the fight, Ogundipe also got hurt on his hand, and Fadehan scratched his face badly.

Money and personal problems seemed to be the cause of this terrible event. Fadehan had complained many times about Ogundipe, especially about money and bad behavior. He wanted to fire Ogundipe as his assistant but needed the elders’ approval.

The owner of the church, Pa Olafare, explained what happened, “Fadehan told me he wanted to fire Lekan because he did some bad things, like hurting a prophetess in the church. I agreed with Fadehan, but we needed to talk to the elders first.”

Ogundipe was also accused of hurting a prophetess named Ewan. She said Ogundipe lied about having a relationship with her, and when she refused, he beat her.

Things got worse when Fadehan took the church key from Ogundipe. This made Ogundipe very angry.

Then, one Monday, after committing the crime in the church, Ogundipe went to Pa Olafare’s house and said he found Fadehan’s body burning on the floor.

Pa Olafare said, “Lekan came to my house and told me Fadehan’s body was on fire and he was dead. My wife and I went to the church with him and found Fadehan partly burnt. We saw nails in his ear, cuts on his head and neck before we took the body to the hospital.”

Ogundipe confessed to the police that he did it because he was angry with Fadehan.

The police have arrested Ogundipe, and they are investigating. They found marks of violence on Fadehan’s body and did a test at the hospital.

This sad event has shocked the community, losing their beloved leader in such a terrible way.

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