“He’s gone”: Man sheds tears as fine lady toasts him in video, men disappointed

  • A young Nigerian man was swept off his feet in a flash as a beautiful lady boldly toasted him in public
  • The lady’s approach, countenance and rizz quickly got to the unsuspecting youth that he shed tears
  • Mixed reactions trailed the video of her wooing him as many men criticised him over how he behaved

A Nigerian man’s reaction as a pretty lady toasted him has sent social media users into a frenzy.

The lady, a TikTok content creator named Honey Dee, approached the young man where he was seated and went to work.

Lady toasts Nigerian man, he sheds tearsThe lady’s rizz blew him away.
Photo Credit: @symply.honeydeeSource: TikTok

“Are you a WiFi signal? ‘Cause I can actually feel a connection between us,” she rizzed him.

Man wept as Honey Dee toasted him

This strong wooing line hit the student hard, causing him to break into a smile and then tears. He said he hadn’t been wooed by a lady before.

Honey Dee continued to shoot her shot at him and eventually got his number. Throughout the video, the young man kept blushing.

A look at Honey Dee’s page showed she is known for shooting shots at men for content, suggesting the young man’s case wasn’t any different.

Another lady had approached a man and demanded that he toast her.

Watch the video below:

People react to @symply.honeydee’s rizz

Khodak Mickey said:

“Abeg talk am say na prank before he go go tell boys say he get one girl wey dey feel am.”

Drey said:

“Make una go around Dey toy with people’s emotions I go so wound person one day.”

user Emini Azaman said:

“Another man down requesting for back up I repeat another man down.”

Olamide said:

“You see as we dey accept ur toasting if nah ur turn no make we surfer oo.”

Tunmise said:

“Plsss date this guy before you create another villain.”


“Why man go dey blush?”

ara said:

“Bro fall in love but dem take am do content.”

Army said:

“Man down, I repeat man down! We have lost a soldier.”

Lady toasts man in public

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian lady had toasted a man in public.

She also told him she would stand by him between the heavens and the earth, but all these did not impress the man. She was not discouraged and made a second attempt as she tried to convince the stranger by telling him how she was wife material and a good cook.

The lady added that she could also clean and do anything he wants, as she chipped in that she has a nice backside. To her disappointment, the man smiled and did not take her up on her love offer.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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