UNICEF Urges Women: Avoid Home Childbirths for Safety

UNICEF Urges Women to Avoid Home Childbirths for Safety

UNICEF is warning women against giving birth at home to improve their chances of survival during and after childbirth. The Health Officer, Oluseyi Olosunde, emphasized this during a Media Dialogue in Gombe.

Olosunde highlighted that in Nigeria, 6 out of 10 child deliveries happen at home, often without skilled birth attendants. This poses a high risk to both mother and child and contributes to the slow decline in maternal and child morbidity rates.

Chief of UNICEF Bauchi Field Office, Dr. Tushar Rane, also stressed the importance of gender equality and women’s well-being. He spoke about the achievements of community-based women in the health sector through the mama2mama initiative in Bauchi, Gombe, and Taraba states.

Dr. Rane mentioned that women play crucial roles as health advocates and educators in their communities. They raise awareness about health issues and encourage people to seek healthcare when needed. With the right knowledge, women can lead or participate effectively in community health initiatives like vaccination campaigns.

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