“He was the best in his class”: School head boy’s JAMB score emerges online

  • A Nigerian boy who has written the JAMB examination two times also tried it again in 2024 and passed very well
  • The boy has passed the UTME in the previous attempt, but he failed to get admission into Benue State University
  • In this year’s UTME, the young boy was able to score 282 marks in aggregates, and he hopes to gain admission this time

A Nigerian man has shared the story of a young boy who has been writing the JAMB exam for the past two years.

He said each time the boy wrote the UTME, he always failed to gain admission into the university.

Boy fails to gain admission despite his high JAMB exam score.The boy took the JAMB exam in 2024 and scored 282. Photo credit: Facebook/Toochi Tersugh Stephen, Tech Cabal and BSU.Source: UGC

Sharing the story on Facebook, Toochi Tersugh Stephen said the boy was the head boy of Tofi Memorial Grammar School, Goboko Benue state.

After graduating from secondary school, he started making attempts to get into Benue State University to study medicine.

In the 2023 UTME, Achika Tahav David scored 252, and in the 2024 exams, he scored 282.

Achika scored 58 in English, 71 in physics, 61 in biology and 82 in chemistry, bringing his aggregate to 282.

Toochi wrote while sharing Achika’s story on Facebook:

“He was the Headboy and the best student of his set at Tofi Memorial Grammar School Gboko, 2022. He’s been writing JAMB exams since graduation.

“Last year, he did really well on his JAMB exam, scoring 252, but he still couldn’t secure admission into the university. And now, this year, he did even better, scoring 282. But I’m worried he might face the same disappointment again.”

Despite his performance, he has failed to gain admission to study medicine and surgery, his preferred course.

Toochi asked:

“Seeing him struggle like this breaks my heart. Why is it so hard for the brilliant ones?”

In an update in the comment section, Toochi said steps are being taken to get Achika into school.

Facebook reactions

Susan Hembadoon Peverga said:

“He is still very young, I believe that he won’t struggle when he’s own appointed time comes.”

Em Peror said:

“I pray he gets the admission. Medical courses aspirants have better chances of admission in their state and he should endeavor to upload the necessary documents on time.”

Student performs well in JAMB UTME, shares his scores

In a related story previously reported by Fox Nigeria, a student proudly shared his JAMB UTME results on social media, indicating that he did well.

The results showed that the student scored 75 in mathematics, 71 in Biology and 63 in the use of English.

The student, Akintayo Emmanuel Enioto, also got 62 in chemistry, making a total of 271 in aggregate.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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