“He think say na iron condem”: Lady tries to sell her friend’s iPhone to Aboki

  • A Nigerian lady pranked a man who buys scrap phones, telling her she had a phone to sell to him
  • The lady brought out her friend’s iPhone 11 Pro, which was still in good shape, and offered it to the man to buy
  • The man first offered N700 for the iPhone before increasing his offer to N1000, not knowing that the lady was pranking him

A Nigerian lady told a scrap buyer she was willing to sell her friend’s iPhone 11 Pro.

The scrap buyer collected the iPhone from her, not knowing that it was still in good shape and that he was being pranked.

Lady offered N1000 for an iPhone 11 Pro.The man offered to buy the iPhone for N1000. Photo credit: TikTok/@pretty_boredgirl.Source: TikTok

In a trending video seen on the TikTok handle of @pretty_boredgirl, the man offered to buy the phone for N700.

When pressed further by the lady, he said he would offer N1000 for the iPhone which he thought was scrape.

The lady refused, insisting on collecting N30,000 from the scrape buyer who left the scene without further comments.

The video is captioned:

“I tried selling my friend’s iPhone 11 Pro. Just a prank to check how much he will say. This mallam off me.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady tried to sell iPhone 11 as scrape

@evagold asked:

“What if he disappears with the phone?”


“He think say na iron condemn.”

@Bella G01 said:

“He price am well sef.”

@oluwaseun$ said:

“Na so them buy my working generator with 2liter fuel N3,700 because of hunger. Thank God for life sha.”

@EmmySam said:

“So far as e touch Aboki hand na Condemn.”

@benny said:

“Imagine e break the phone.”

@Har yo mi said:

“I don try am before too. The man say 500. Na 11promax.”


“Na when he go run na when the prank go end.”

Lady pranks her mother

Meanwhile, a lady decided to pull a prank on her African mother, and her reaction was hilarious, leaving many people in stitches.

The TikTok video generated many views along with thousands of likes and many comments on social media.

Netizens reacted to the woman clip as they rushed to the comments section with laughter, while others simply cracked jokes.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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