“He Located Me”: Nigerian Man Shares What Happened to Him after He Recognised Thief during Robbery

  • While being robbed at gunpoint, a Nigerian man recognised one of the men of the underworld and called him by his name
  • His action on that fateful day turned out to be his ‘biggest mistake’, which might have cost him his life
  • Mixed reactions trailed his encounter with the robbers, with some internet users sharing their experiences

A Nigerian man, @nzemmili, has shared what he tagged the biggest mistake that would have cost him his life.

@nzemmili recalled a robbery incident at a location called Nkpor.

Man recognises thief during robbery, gets visitation days laterThe man recognised one of the thieves during a robbery.
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@nzemmili said they were being robbed at gunpoint when he recognised one of the robbers and called him by name.

He said the robber slapped him and would find him days later to warn him never to repeat such. @nzemmili wrote:

“Biggest mistake that would’ve taken my life was when we were being robbed at gun point in Nkpor. I recognised one of them, & called him by his name. I said “Emeka Mgbachu, ogini?” & he slapped me. He located me few days later & warned me to never call his name again n’ilu olu.”

Another Nigerian had recounted his encounter with armed robbers.

See his tweet below:

@nzemmili’s story stirred reactions

@iam_obgee said:

“How I knw u didn’t learn anything from dat incident, u still typed his full name here.

“Guy u are very lucky dat guy likes u so much.

“Note: if u dey waka for street well well, whenever u encounter a robbery attack, try to keep ur head down, make u no go see who know u. (Street OT).”

@OnyedikaAnambra said:

“I fought a gunman that wanted to rob me at Nkpor uno near st Mathias in 2012. I no dey hear word then. The guy gun no get bullet.”

@Ada_Sedai said:

“My mom told me they killed her kinsman because of this. He called out a name because he recognized the voice.

“They were robbing his house as he just returned from obodo-igbo with lots of goods to build his house.

“She used it as a cautionary tale for us to apply wisdom.”

@ezeakpunonu_d said:

“2013, abagom bus Ndi nticha around 9:30pm na upper, those guys no want make I sit down them push me commot for the bus. Later that night one of them called me that I should come buy them Night-train for bessoy the next day. You go know the group, all Nkpor bred.”

@ObaEdo_1 said:

“Serious mistake.

“Them for waste you but God pass them.”

@Ikechukwu_C_C said:

“The guy likes you too much and your chi is involved too.”

Robber waves at occupant

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported the moment a robber waved at an occupant after being caught.

A video taken by an occupant from inside the house showed the man climbing over the boundary wall. He eventually climbed to the top and jumped into the yard.

As he regained his balance and stood up, he lifted his head and spotted the occupant from the window. He played it cool by waving hello and quickly rushed out the way he came in as the house alarm went off.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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