“He Is So Sweet”: Man In Awe as Little Brother Gives Girl a Treat at Home, Video Melts Hearts

  • A man has shared an intriguing video of his little brother caring for his ‘girlfriend’ who came over to his house
  • In the video, the boy gladly welcomed the little girl and offered her something to eat before seeing her off to the gate
  • Social media users reacted massively to the video on TikTok with many praising the boy’s gesture

An interesting video of a caring little boy bringing his ‘girlfriend’ home has caused a frenzy on social media.

In the video shared on TikTok by @mavilakazii, the little boy gently led her into his house and gave her yoghurt from the fridge.

Video of little boy caring for girl trendsLittle boy gives girl a treat at home
Photo credit: @mavilakazii/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Little boy gives ‘girlfriend’ princess treatment

After giving her the yoghurt, he made sure she was comfortable before leading her to the gate and bidding her farewell.

The way the little boy adored and treated his female visitor like an absolute princess left netizens in awe.

Reactions as little boy gives girl princess treatment

The lovely clip posted by @mavilakazii stirred massive reactions from social media users.

Netizens took to the comments section on TikTok to applaud the little boy for understanding how to give someone a treat at such a tender age.

Agfo said:

“He didn’t even ask for anything in turn.”

Halala Mangunezi Mkh said:

“What ever she said on her prayer.”

Izzy Gaegopolwe reacted:

“Bro gave her all his life savings.”

Seoza Taurus wa Motswana said:

“And he jus led her into the house like. Ungasabi babe, I already told them about you.”

LadyFar said:

“This is cute to get them back but my mom would send him.”

@ms_nicolek said:

“I hope grown men will see this and know that you can still feed a woman and take her home without wanting anything in return.”

QueenFlippyNips reacted:

“Why do our parents wait YEARS to have another child (a). The age gaps are always insane.”

Nina Mabena said:

“He carried the Danone for her all the way to the gate.”

Watch the video below:

Little boy escorts girl home in video

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a captivating video went viral on TikTok showcasing a little boy’s kind gesture towards his female classmate.

In the video shared on TikTok, the little boy carried the girl’s school bag while walking her down her house.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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