“He Challenged Me”: Nigerian Chess Master Defeats Another Player in Streets of New York City

  • A Nigerian chess promoter, Tunde Onakoya, played the game on the streets of New York City after someone challenged him
  • The chess master, Onakoya, said the challenger gave up after he made 13 impressive moves to defeat him
  • Many people in the comment section of the video invited Onakoya to also play in their area in the United States

A Nigerian chess master, Tunde Onakoya, shared a video showing when he played chess on the streets of New York.

In a post he made on X, Onakoya said the player challenged him to a chess contest, and he did not hesitate to throw his hat into the ring.

Chess master Tunde Onakoya playing in New York.Onakayo said the man from New York Challenged him. photo credit: X/Tunde Onakoya.Source: Twitter

A video shows when they slugged it out on the streets as passersby and chess enthusiasts watched.

According to Onakoya, he successfully won the chess game after 13 moves as his challenger gave it up for him.

He wrote:

“A New York City chess hustler challenged me to a game, he resigned after 13 moves.”

The video quickly went viral and attracted many reactions from Onakoya’s followers.

One person who commented even invited Onakoya to pay in the streets of Boston, USA.

Watch the video below:

Reactions to Tunde Onakoya’s feat

@im_tolumichael said:

“You are amazing at this. Now, we don’t even need to ask who won, we ask “how many minutes did it take you to win?”

@Allezamani said:

“You sabi, one of the games I wish I do know how to play.”

@OgSadik said:

“Tunde, please come to Boston. There’s this man at Harvard Square that needs to be kept quiet.”

@Mrtybaba said:

“Lol, he thought it was another random New Yorker.”

@sposhbaba said:

“I no even sabi chess at all. But because of Tunde, I love the game so much.”

Onakoya defeats 10 players in Germany

Meanwhile, Chess master, Tunde Onakoya, was in Germany recently, and he took part in a fierce competition.

He played against 10 people, simultaneously moving around and engaging them in a hot chess game.

Tunde, who runs Chess in Slums initiative, revealed on X that at the end of the game, he emerged as the winner.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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