Hardship: Tinubu’s Govt Giving Out N30k Relief Cash to All Nigerians? Fact Surfaces

  • WhatsApp and Facebook posts asserted that the federal government is disbursing N30,000 in relief funds to all Nigerians
  • The supposed palliative was allegedly meant to ameliorate the current severe hardship Nigerians are experiencing
  • A fact-checking platform investigated the claim and shared its findings in a report published on Wednesday, March 27

TheTalk.NG journalist Ridwan Adeola Yusuf has over 9 years of experience covering public journalism.

FCT, Abuja – A message circulating on the instant messaging service, WhatsApp, claims that the Bola Tinubu-led federal government is giving out N30,000 cash to all Nigerians.

This comes amid the West African nation’s economic crisis that has hit boiling point.

It is not true that the Tinubu government is distributing N30,000 cash to NigeriansClaims that the FG is sharing N30,000 to all Nigerians are false. Photo credits: Kola Sulaimon, Andrew Caballero-ReynoldsSource: Getty Images

The economic hardship has also stirred protests in several parts of Africa’s most populous nation.

The message includes a link with the call to action “click here”.

It reads:

“The federal government has approved N30,000 cash transfer to all individuals in the country.

“All Nigerian citizens are entitled to benefit from this. Hurry now and check if you are eligible for FG N30,000 cash transfer. Those who have applied have been credited already.”

Similar messages have been found on the social networking site, Facebook — here and here.

But is this claim true? A fact-checking platform, Africa Check, scrutinised it.

The platform said it checked credible media resources to see if there had been any such announcements and found nothing related to the disbursement of funds to all citizens.

It concluded that the link provided is an engagement baiting.

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Economic hardship: Obasanjo proffers solution

Earlier, TheTalk.NG reported that former President Olusegun Obasanjo reacted to the current economic hardship that Nigerians are facing.

Obasanjo called for the devolution of power and resources from the federal government to state and local governments.

The former Nigerian leader stated that this would help to better manage available resources and alleviate the ongoing economic hardship.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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