Government Rejects Ransom for School Abduction, Looks at US Assistance Option

No Ransom for Kidnapped Students, Government Considers Help from US

The government said it won’t pay any money to free the 280 students and teachers taken from a school in Kaduna State. Offers of help from the US and other countries are being considered.

The Information Minister, Mohammed Idris, said the President is firm on not giving in to ransom demands. Security forces are working hard to bring the students and teachers back safely.

The government’s decision came after a Kaduna cleric offered to talk to the kidnappers. The attackers came to Kuriga, Kaduna, shooting and taking the students and teachers.

In another incident, the UN confirmed the abduction of 200 people from Borno State. The cleric suggested letting him negotiate for the students’ release.

The government is getting help from the US to bring the students, teachers, and others back. President Tinubu’s adviser said the US and other countries are supporting Nigeria. The government is reviewing these offers.

President Tinubu condemned the abductions, telling security forces to rescue them. Efforts are ongoing to bring the victims home safely.

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