Funny mum uses edited news clip to trick twin into cleaning their rooms

  • A woman, who typically makes videos with her twin daughters, made a prank video after discovering they had scattered their rooms
  • In the video, they sat together when the news came on, reporting how they had disorganised their rooms
  • It also issued a warning that if they didn’t tidy up, a special service would come and take all their beloved toys

A mother known for her videos featuring her twin daughters decided to pull a prank after discovering the mess they had made in their rooms.

She filmed a video where they all sat together watching a prank news broadcast.

Mother pranks her children with edited newsMother pranks her kids. Photo credit: @annatwinsiesSource: TikTok

The broadcast claimed that their untidy rooms had been reported and warned that if they didn’t clean up, a special service would arrive to take away all their cherished toys.

The twins, looking shocked and worried, quickly jumped up and ran to their room.

The video then showed them cleaning up in a hurry, putting their toys away and organising their things with great urgency, as shown by @annatwinsies.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Nthanda said:

“World Parent of the year!”

J Ndung’u wrote:

“Hihi. you don’t have a slippers? My mother is asking.”

Nicky Lynk commented:

“In school tomorrow like “Did yoU watch the news? Did you?? who did?”

DeeOmar also commented:

“Wooow you’re a genius mum.”


“Mommy you’re genius.”

Yaa Sarkodie:

“Adopt Ghanaian parenting… you’ll love it.”


“If only I knew how to do it.”


“Someone tell me about this hack of editing.”


“Never tell them it’s a prank.”

Tanya Valerie:

“The way they ran to organize their toys.”


“That was so fun.”


“Best prank ever.”

Acceleration Babe:

“Best parent ever… truly there’s solution for everything.”


“Wow, I am so doing this.”

Shawn salt:

“Please I need this Edith for my boys.”

Worried mum cries out

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian mother living abroad has cautioned fellow mothers on the need to watch their kids especially when they go silent.

To confirm her point, she shared an experience with her twin children who suddenly went quiet at home.

The mother, identified as @lifewiththetwins, felt something was not right and decided to check on the children.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a mum of twin boys had shared a hilarious video of the chaos that her two little ones can cause in minutes.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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