Funny Face’s Accident: Eyewitness Describes How Comedian Drove into Mother and Her Kids

  • Funny Face was involved in a gory accident on Sunday night, March 24, 2023, while allegedly drink-driving
  • Per an eyewitness who spoke to UTV, the comedian was intoxicated and drove his vehicle into a woman and her two kids
  • According to the man who witnessed the incident, the victims are in critical condition, and it is unclear if they will pull through

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face has been involved in a severe accident on Sunday night, March 24, 2023.

The incident, which occurred while he was allegedly driving under the influence, has left a woman and her two children in critical condition.

Funny Face involved in gory accident as he knocks down a mother and her kidsGhanaian actor Funny Face was involved in an accident.
Photo Source: Funny FaceSource: UGC

According to an eyewitness who spoke to UTV, Funny Face was heavily intoxicated at the time of the accident.

The comedian reportedly lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the unsuspecting victims. The eyewitness, who was visibly dismayed by the incident, described the scene as horrific and heartbreaking.

The victims, a mother and her two children were immediately rushed to the hospital. As per the reports, they are in critical condition. The eyewitness said he was not sure one of the woman’s kids was alive per the condition he was in.

Funny Face, who has been battling with mental health issues for some time now, has shocked fans with this incident. The news has left many Ghanaians disappointed as they hope for the best for the victims.

Facts are still emerging from the occurrence as authorities are expected to weigh in to determine the real cause of the gory incident.

Tragedy as 16 killed, 4 injured in fatal road accident in Kaduna

Meanwhile, earlier reports by TheTalk.NG detailed an unfortunate incident that unfolded in the Makarfi local government area of Kaduna state, where 16 individuals tragically lost their lives.

Four other individuals were reported to have sustained critical injuries as a result of the incident. The bus involved was en route Benue state from Kano.

According to gathered information, the accident was attributed to excessive speed, leading to the driver’s loss of control over the vehicle, ultimately resulting in a collision with a ditch.


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