FRSC Sends Marshals, Patrol Cars, and Ambulances Nationwide for Eid-el-Fitr

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is working hard to make sure everyone stays safe during the Eid-el-Fitr celebrations. They have sent out their trained staff called regular and special marshals along with vehicles like patrol cars and ambulances to help.

The head of FRSC, Dauda Ali-Biu, talked about this during the start of the 2024 Sallah Mega Motor Park Rally in Abuja. He mentioned that they’ve also sent tow trucks and bikes to help out. They’re doing this all across the 52 important roads in the country.

Their theme for this year is “Overloading is a Time Bomb: Stop the Deaths, Do not Overload with Persons, Animals, or Goods.” Ali-Biu thinks this theme is just right for now.

They’re also using special equipment like radar guns and breathalysers to catch people who are driving too fast or drunk. They want to make sure the roads are safe for everyone.

FRSC wants to respond quickly to any accidents, so they’ve made sure their staff, called Zebras, are always ready to help. They’ve told their officers to be strict about stopping things like overloading, driving old cars, and cars that release too much smoke.

Ali-Biu said, “We’re ready for any challenges that might come in 2024. We’re working hard to prevent the terrible accidents we’ve seen before.”

FRSC is also working with a team to stop trailers from carrying passengers. This is because trailers are not safe for people to ride in. They’re also taking drivers who break the rules to court.

“We want everyone to remember that road safety is everyone’s job. We need help from everyone, including companies and the media, to keep our roads safe,” Ali-Biu added.

Other groups like the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps have promised to help FRSC too. Everyone is coming together to make sure this celebration is safe for everyone on the roads.

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