From Doubts to Success: Brain Jotter’s Journey to Millionaire Influencer

Verydarkman mentioned that Brain Jotter currently owns 5 houses—3 in Lagos and 2 in Abuja. Additionally, he has a collection of over 5 cars, including a Mercedes G wagon worth 500 million naira. For a skit to promote a brand, he charges over 8 million naira. Brain Jotter also earns over 20 million naira from views and gifts on Facebook and Instagram, and he makes a yearly income of 244 million naira from YouTube.

When Brain Jotter started his journey, many people doubted him. Some said he wasn’t funny, others got tired of seeing him wear the same outfit, and some even disliked his way of speaking. Criticisms ranged from accusations of talking down on women to predictions of his quick disappearance. However, despite all this, he has achieved great success today.

Every successful person has faced doubts and rejection at some point, but they persisted. If you’re doing something great and right, keep pushing forward. People tend not to believe in someone who is still struggling, and if you give up, there won’t be any evidence to show that you tried. Just as God blessed Brain Jotter’s hard work, He will bless your efforts too.

Remember, God can still bless you abundantly too.

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