“Forever a daddy’s girl”: Happy father welcomes daughter who joins cabin crew

  • An elderly man warmly welcomed his daughter into the cabin crew team, a moment that quickly went viral on TikTok
  • In the heartwarming video, the man took the microphone and announced that it had been his daughter’s first task
  • The delighted passengers rallied behind her, offering support and a warm welcome to the new job

During a flight, an old man happily welcomed his daughter as she joined the cabin crew team.

The moment was caught on TikTok and got lots of attention. In the video, the man spoke into the microphone, saying it was his daughter’s first time working on the plane.

Father welcomes daughter as cabin crew memberHappy father rejoices as daughter joins cabin crew. Photo credit: @southwestairSource: TikTok

Other passengers were really pleased for her and gave her a big welcome, which made her face light up with joy and put a smile on her face, as shown by @southwestair.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Jen Contreras said:

“Awww he’s so proud.”

Jani wrote:

“Him saying daddy just shows that’s his baby girl forever I’m gonna cry.”

JoeMammaBetch commented:

“I mean I’d still never fly southwest willingly, but this is adorable.”


“Be nice to my baby girl or else.”


“She has a beautiful smile.”

Lo lorenaaa:

“Papa is so proud.”


“She’s so pretty and he’s so proud!”


“This is so wholesome.”


“Omg Southwest i would love to fly on one of your flights, i haven’t been on a plane since 2016 pls make me wishes come true.”


“My parents know to not “know” me in public. Was true as a teenager, and true now in my y 40’s.”


“She is literally so cute.”

E.l.f. Cosmetics:

“Forever a daddy’s girl.”


“I knew that was baby girl.”

Hallımark o:

“Core memory what a special moment.”

Amaris De Los Santos:

“Her smile gorg.”

Lauren Allen:

“So sweet.”

Lady gains admission to attend aviation school

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a lady is happy because she has been admitted to study in a Nigerian aviation school.

In a video, the lady said she would soon commence her studies at the Lagos Aviation Academy.

According to Neene, her dream in life is to become a flight attendant, hence her happiness after gaining admission.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a TikTok lady applied for a cabin crew job at Emirates Airlines as a joke, and she got invited for an interview.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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