Focus: Relationship coach shares tips to get your crush to be interested in you

  • A Nigerian man is in a dilemma as he has a crush on his female neighbour but doesn’t know how to follow up on it
  • He said the lady moved into the place where he lives some weeks ago and it was a love at first sight for him
  • Daniella Onuoha, a relationship coach, has offered insightful thoughts on how to get your crush to be interested in you

A man narrated:

“So, there is this lady in the place where I live that I am madly in love with.

Tips on how to get your crush to be attracted to youA man is having a crush on his female neighbour.
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“Though she only moved in here about three weeks ago, I can’t seem to get over her since our paths crossed in the compound.

“I have a crush on her but don’t know how to follow it up. Pls help.”

Daniella Onuoha is a relationship coach. She is the founder of ‘Relatalkship‘ on Facebook and Telegram. The platform was created to help people discover and enjoy the best versions of themselves.

What is really a crush?

First, who is a crush? We can’t necessarily call a crush full love. So, it is like saying that when you are crushing on this person, you don’t love this person; you want the person to fall in love with you.

I am explaining the question in literal terms. So, I think it should be how do I get my crush to be interested in me.

In literal terms, a crush is someone you like or to whom you feel attracted or attached.

Communicate your feelings to your crush

The initial step in every form of relationship— family, work, cordial, romantic —is communication.

When you rub minds with a person, you create emotion and attraction.

So, one of the major things to do is to talk to this person, understand their thought process, and get them to also understand your thought process.

Be sure of what you feel

And then be very sure of what you feel. It is always advisable to be very sure of what you feel before you express it. When you are expressing yourself, it is important to be very clear with your intention.

It is quite tricky because love is a decision. You don’t get a person to love you because you want them to. It has to come from them, from their choice and decision.

Most of the time, it is realized or decided based on your actions towards the person.You can only control your own actions. You can’t necessarily control what the next person feels.

So, I think I should give tips on how to be more of an attractive person that would attract people that you like.

Be a good listener and communicator

First of all, have great conversations. Be a good listener. Listen. Don’t just be the person who wants to talk. The world is already a busy and noisy place. Everybody just wants to give their opinion.

It is always more appealing to have someone who actually wants to listen to us. Be a good communicator and a good listener.

Don’t be very quick to react

Don’t be quick to react or quick to anger. I am not saying hide your emotions, but be very wise about them. Use wisdom.

Learn how to control emotions

Don’t be the kind of person that says I am blunt. Use wisdom with it. Be very wise about the words that you decide to use.

Be very respectful

Be very respectful to not just your prospective partner but also the people around you. The way you treat other people will also tell your love interest how you would likely treat them.

Be firm and trustworthy

Be the person who people know, or your love interest knows, that when you say a thing, you will do it.

Also, be trustworthy whenever the opportunity comes up, and even when it does not come up, still be trustworthy. These are values and habits every person should adopt, as they make life easier.

Tips for someone struggling with unrequited love

You need to love yourself. I know that saying love yourself sounds cliche, but you need to actually love yourself too.

When you love yourself, you understand the reason this person doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you have a problem, it is just how it is.

Probably, the person is with someone else, or your energies do not match. So, it doesn’t have to do with you.

Keep a healthy distance

If this particular love interest is not yielding, it is advisable to keep a distance. This doesn’t mean you are upset with the person; you are just trying to heal.

Remind yourself again and again that you are enough, amazing and beautiful or handsome.

Focus on you

You could go out more often and then focus on yourself. Focus on yourself and not just how other people feel about you.

You could put that energy into your job or whatever you do, and of course, with time, your real love will come your way.

Basically, when you have had conversations and your crush tells you, “I don’t feel the same about you,” then it is time to move on.

Then, actions speak louder than words. There are times the person would not tell you about not being into you but their body language would give the message.

If they are treating you poorly, it is time to move on.

Man records his crush on construction site

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man had recorded his crush working at a construction site.

While the location was not given out, the young man, @famouscruise, did not seem happy with the kind of work she was doing.

In a clip, the lady, who was unaware she was being recorded, waited for her turn and then carried building stones loaded into a pan on her head. People hailed the young lady for being hardworking. Others directed the young man to reach out to her so they could offer help.

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Source: Fox Nigeria

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