“Fear men”: Lady cries out online as her date ‘disppears’ after she ordered food

  • A lady was disappointed as a man abandoned her at their date venue after pretending to use the ATM
  • The lady said it was their first date and their first time seeing each other and detailed how he cunningly pulled a fast one on her
  • After she was served food, he told her he wanted to withdraw money from the ATM to settle the bill

A lady has cried out on social media after her date pulled a fast one on her.

@shanny.n shared a touching video on TikTok where she narrated all that happened.

Lady cries out as man abandons her during their dateShe said he wanted to withdraw from the ATM to pay the bills.
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@shanny.n revealed it was their first date.

How @shanny.n’s date abandoned her

After she was served food, the man excused himself to use the ATM for withdrawal in order to pay the bill and never returned.

This left the lady no choice but to settle the bill. She shared a message the man sent her, requesting another date.

“Gave love a second chance and this happens, at this point I’m starting to think that I’m the problem,” she lamented.

Watch the video below:

Mixed reactions trail @shanny.n’s video

Tebza Butterz said:

“In most cases he didn’t like what he saw. Also, always have your own money when going out on dates.”

Richard Tebza Mafahl said:

“Didn’t the shop have that card machine if you had to go withdraw the money at the ATM On a side note, give him another chance, men are good people.”

Cchisha904 said:

”Call him back go to an expensive restaurant order and excuse yourself. leave him with the bill and block him after that.”

charityndlovu658 said:

“He actually thought you won’t be able to pay your own bill the joke is on him .”

Ado_Sumettikul said:

“Ladies you see why it’s important to have your own money?”

Mpho N said:

“No, he’s looking for another free meal…That man hungry.”

Asa said:

“Allow him to setup a next date and then don’t pitch up.”

Man refuses to pay bill on date

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man had refused to settle the food bill after a lady brought her friend to their restaurant date.

In screenshots shared by @nairobi_gossip_club, the lady begged her boyfriend to pay her best friend’s bill after he left them at a restaurant.

Korir told her he would not pay the other lady’s bill, asking his girlfriend, who tagged her along to their date, to settle it.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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