Fact-checkers debunk reports that UK Government pay people N882k for snoring

  • There is a video circulating on TikTok indicating that the UK government pays people who have sleep disorders such as snoring
  • The video claims that the Government of the UK pays £500 (N882,000) per month to people who snore while sleeping
  • However, a fact-check done by Dubawa, a Nigerian fact-checking body, concluded that the claim was misleading

A video found on TikTok states that people who snore in the UK are eligible to receive £500 (N882k) per month.

The video went further to claim that the Department of Works and Pensions in the UK pays people who snore £173 (N305,000) per week and another £140 (N247,000) per month as a personal independence allowance.

Claims that the UK pays people for snoring is misleading.The claim that people are paid for snoring in the UK is misleading. Photo credit: Getty Images/Yellow Dog Productions and Bloomberg. Man’s photo used for illustration only.Source: Getty Images

Claims that people get paid in the UK for snoring

A voice in the video says:

“The reason the Uk Goverment will pay you is because snoring is counted as a serious health condition, even though most people snore. And if it is linked to a serious health condition, it is sleep apnea, then it counts towards ‘disability. This is because it affects your quality of life and tiredness throughout the day.”

The voice in the video goes further to claim that the money can be claimed by simply contacting the UK Department of Works and Pensions.

It says:

“Then you can actually claim the £518 per month by contacting the Department of Works and Pensions for more enquiry.”

The video has gone viral and received many comments from TikTok users. The video was posted by @visa.sponsorship.

Does the UK government pay people who snore?

However, Dubawa, a fact-checking body in West Africa, has debunked the claim, noting that it was misleading.

Dubawa noted that what the video purported to be referring to was the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), a UK government initiative established to provide extra living costs to people living with long-term physical or mental health conditions in the UK.

It says the procedure for accessing the PIP is on the UK government website and that there were no specific mentions of ‘snoring or sleep apnea’ as claimed by the TikTok video.

Dubawa concluded that the information in the video was misleading, insisting that people only get paid for health conditions that negatively impact their daily lives, not specifically for snoring.

It says:

“Our findings revealed that individuals in the UK do not receive payment specifically for snoring. However, if a health condition impacts their daily activities, they may be eligible for a Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Sleep apnea, characterised by snoring, among other symptoms, is one such condition.”

Man relocates to UAE, sleeps in motor parks

Meanwhile, a man who moved from Nigeria to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) found things a little more difficult than he expected.

In a story he shared on social media, the man said he arrived in the UAE, and he could not see the agent who promised him jobs.

With no job or a place to lay his head, the man said he started sleeping in the open and doing menial jobs to survive.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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