Electricity Tariff: Man Installs Solar in his House, Leaves NEPA, Shows off Batteries, Inverter

  • A Nigerian man who started his solar panel journey eight years ago has shared he was energy efficient all through
  • Before he started generating 15 megawatts, the solar user prioritised appliances with less consumption
  • With a solar setup that does not need NEPA, the man gave a detailed breakdown of his solar system

A Nigerian man who is very passionate about solar energy has shared his 8-year journey of going green.

The man said the thirst for energy independence made him conscious of how many watts his home appliances consume.

Solar energy in Nigeria/Tubular and lithium battries.Clean solar setup generating megawatts. The man in the photo has no connection with the story and is only for illustration purposes only.
Photo source: @bigbrovar, Getty Images/Chukwunenye IheakaSource: Twitter

Solar system with lithium batteries

From starting small in 2015, the DIY solar expert (@bigbrovar) has built an energy system with lithium batteries that have 15 megawatts of hours of energy.

In a thread he made on X, he detailed every part of his solar energy, quoting his old tweets on the same energy topic.

Power management with solar energy

As far back as 2017, he already had a solar system that powered his freezer. Years ago, he said:

“Your mileage may differ. Important thing is smart system design and efficiency.”

The man’s first solar system was only to power his phone. Despite the first attempt failing, he never gave up. He is now celebrating 8 years of energy without NEPA light.

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

@piusezekiel8 said:

“I started my first setup nine years ago by building my own inverter using YouTube videos and with plenty of assistance from my physics teacher and his friend, who both studied Elect/Elect. I have DIY’d 4 setups in Nigeria and hope to Quote this reply when I’m fully off-grid.”

@HMU_Tech said:

“I like when one gets to the point of asking themselves do i buy a new battery or change 2 ACs to inverter AC… In a sane country our Discos and GenCos would have a 100billion fund to invest in renewable businesses… but na naija, lets increase the tariff.”

@the_popemichael asked:

“How did you cope with the batteries and the weather when it’s raining?”

@IdowuOpeAlege said:

“With this you can charge your neighbour and make some funds back. And keep it rolling.”

@dapodprince wondered:

“Wow! whats the use of the Raspberry Pi in the setup? and what model are you using?”

Lady installed solar panels on her roof

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian lady chose green energy after she got frustrated by the lousy electricity supply in her area.

She invested N3m into a solar system that could power her house and supply energy to her home appliances.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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