Electricity Tariff: Man Installs 2 More Solar Batteries Before Price Increased Due to Dollar Rate

  • A Nigerian man who installed solar electricity in his house said he has increased the batteries by adding two more
  • The man said he made the wise decision shortly after the dollar exchange rate fell to about N1000
  • He said after the naira started exchanging above N1000 to the dollar, the cost of buying solar electricity materials increased

A Nigerian man is glad that he was able to increase the capacity of the solar electricity in his house.

The man said he had installed the solar for personal use and his instincts told him to add two more batteries.

Man installs solar electricity in his house.The man said he increased the capacity of the solar batteries by adding two more. Photo credit: Getty Images/ Sean Anthony Eddy, Onurdongel and Peshkova. Man’s photo used for illustration only.Source: Getty Images

Uche Alex noted that he followed his instinct and bought more solar batteries when the exchange rate of one dollar was around N1000.

He said shortly after he bought the two solar batteries, the US dollar started exchanging high again.

Uche said the increased exchange rate resulted in the high cost of solar electricity material, noting that he was glad he bought his materials before then.

He wrote on X:

“I always love it when I listen to my instincts. I had the feeling of expanding my solar system just as the dollar fell to about 1k. I added 2 more batteries and solar panels. Few days after the upgrade, I realized dollar has gone up again and prices of Solar products too.”

The cost of solar batteries in Nigeria

When asked how much he spent to install the solar batteries, Uche said:

“This is a 3.5kva Solar System with 3.5kva Indian inverter, 400w solar panels by 8, 220Ah Tubular Battery by 4. Plus other accessories. It costs an average of N3.5m to set up with Grade A materials. But, sha, I didn’t spend that much at once. I did it in batches”

See his post below:

Lady spends millions to install solar

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady said she and her family got tired of spending money on fuel for their generator, so they sought an alternative.

The lady said they installed a solar electricity system in their house, and then it cost millions to buy inverters and solar panels.

However, they are now reaping the benefits, as she disclosed that they no longer depend on the grid’s electricity supply.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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