Elderly lady’s Michael Jackson groove earns her cash on the dance floor

  • A video revealed an elderly woman swaying to the rhythm of a Michael Jackson’s hit at a social event
  • Her dance, infused with the King of Pop’s iconic flair, quickly became a TikTok sensation; with each step and spin, her joy was palpable, captivating those around her
  • As she danced, onlookers were moved to present her with tokens of appreciation, which she accepted with a dance still in her step

A captivating video surfaced, showcasing an elderly lady joyfully dancing to a Michael Jackson’s track at a gathering.

The video swiftly garnered widespread attention on TikTok, becoming a viral sensation.

The Nigerian woman danced to Michael Jackson's songThe Nigerian woman danced at an event. Photo credit: @km_with_dflowerprince1Source: TikTok

Woman dance to Michael Jackson’s song

The lady, brimming with enthusiasm, executed dance moves reminiscent of Michael Jackson, much to the delight of the onlookers.

Spectators approached her, offering monetary gifts, which she graciously accepted as she carried on with her spirited performance, as shown by @km_with_dflowerprince1.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Ekwutosian Baby said:

“This mama really got the dancing steps the dancing move Michael Jackson the legend.”

Itunuoluwa wrote:

“She dey dance and still dey grab money.”

ATfair commented:

“Sisterhood is proud of you momma.”

Baby also commented:

“When she was in the world O, thankfully to christ.”


“If na my mama be dis and i dey there I go just hide under table but if d money too much for grOund i go show out low key.”


“She remembers her time.”

Damilola funke_Rhoda:

“No be mama wey sing odun nlo sopin. Dey do break dance so 3O.”


“Music no need permission to enter your spirit… in MOHBAD’S voice.”


“If you have dancing mother, you will love this. If na unhappy born nah him you go dey hide. That’s MJ…Mama valid.”

Bright star:

“And am here boring myself about not being married, wen am supposed to be happy and catch fun out there.”


“Mama CAC no wan gree oo.”

Elderly woman dances happily

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that in a heartwarming and uplifting moment, an elderly woman’s dance video went viral.

The clip showed the lady dancing gracefully against the backdrop of a house.

Viewers have been touched by the sheer exuberance emanating from the video, sharing their comments.

In a related development, Fox Nigeria reported that a 97-year-old Nigerian woman dancing energetically has surprised netizens on TikTok.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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