Egbetokun: Kinetic and Non-Kinetic Methods Employed in Kaduna Student Rescue

In response to the troubling abduction of school students in Kaduna, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun visited the state on Tuesday to assess the security situation firsthand.

During his visit, IGP Egbetokun emphasized the Nigeria Police Force’s commitment to safely rescuing all abducted students. He mentioned that both kinetic (using force) and non-kinetic (non-violent) approaches are being actively pursued to secure the release of the students and bring the perpetrators to justice.

To strengthen security efforts, the IGP announced the immediate deployment of a fully armed unit of mobile policemen to the Kuriga Community. This deployment aims to enhance security in the affected area and facilitate swift action for the rescue operation.

During his visit, IGP Egbetokun met with the Governor of Kaduna State and extended heartfelt sympathies to the people of Kaduna, especially the Kuriga community impacted by this tragic incident. He was accompanied by senior officers, including the DIG in charge of the Force Intelligence Department, Habu Sani, and other officials.

In response to the situation, Governor Uba Sani reaffirmed the government’s readiness to support the police in their rescue efforts. He promised continuous assistance and support to the deployed officers. Additionally, the Governor urged responsible journalism, cautioning against sensationalized reporting by the media during this challenging period.

The IGP also engaged with police officers at the Police Command and the Police College in Kaduna. He addressed their concerns and assured them of the Force’s commitment to their welfare. IGP Egbetokun emphasized the importance of a service-driven, professionally competent, and people-friendly police institution that upholds the rule of law for a more secure environment in Nigeria.

He reiterated that the task ahead for the Nigeria Police Force is critical and will be diligently carried out to ensure the safety and security of all citizens. The IGP urged the public to remain calm and cooperate with the Police and other relevant security agencies in their tireless efforts towards a swift resolution of the current security challenges in the country.

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