Eclipse of the sun: Nigerians use phones to capture images of rare occurrence

  • Some Nigerians who saw the eclipse of the sun, which happened on Monday, April 8 shared photos of it
  • Also, some captured videos of the rare solar occurrence and posted them on social media, including X
  • Some of the videos and photos shared online were captured in Oyo and Kano states, where residents video the solar eclipse

Photos and videos seen on social media show that some Nigerians were able to view the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Agency, a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth and temporarily blocks the sun’s face.

Some Nigerians in Oyo and Kano states shared images online, indicating that they saw the partial eclipse.

While it was calculated to be total in the Mexico’s Pacific, Canada, and more than 10 US states some Nigerians also had a feel of it partially.

An X user, Sky Girl shared a video which she said she recorded in Kano state showing the partial eclipse.

She said:

“Look up, everybody!! Look up it’s happening.”

Also, another viewer, Ahmad EO Abdulbaqi was able to capture an image of the crescent-shaped partial eclipse in Kano state.

Another photo, photographer, Taofeek Ibrahim shared another photo which he said was captured in Irepo Local Government of Oyo state.

Watch the video below and see the photos below:

Reactions to solar eclipse

@Merald__Ayomi asked:

“I thought they said we could get blind if we look at it?”

@Abdurra87100463 said:

“The main reason y I feel the month of Ramadan will complete 30.”

@agba_friyoyo said:

“Maybe the area because I no understand. Where I am currently, the sun can boil egg.”

@dimejitiamiyu01 said:

“Noticed a brief darkness, but eclipse we no see.”

NiMET issues weather advice

Meanwhile, Nigerians have been urged to prepare for three days of sunny and hazy weather conditions across the country.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency shared details of the states that would be affected by the weather condition.

NiMet gave this advisory on Sunday and urged the public to take necessary precautions as strong winds may precede the rains in areas where thunderstorms are likely to occur.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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