Eclipse of the sun: Lady shouts as darkness takes over her area in the afternoon

  • The eclipse of the sun, which happened on Monday, April 8, left a lot of people in awe and unimaginable excitement
  • A lady residing in the United States was able to capture the brief minutes of total darkness in Dallas, Texas
  • The lady, who is a nurse shouted throughout the video and she was screaming ‘Jesus’, noting that the event was exciting

The eclipse of the sun, which happened on Monday, April, 8 left many people with unforgettable memories.

A resident of Dallas, USA, saw the event the moment the city became completely dark due to the eclipse.

The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) explains that a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth and temporarily blocks the sun’s face.

While some people in parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico experienced the April 8 eclipse in totality, others only saw it partially.

A lady based in the US was able to use her phone camera to capture the rare solar event.

The lady, @mylifeassugar_, was highly excited when the event was happening.

There was a brief moment of darkness and the lady was in awe as she said the event was like rapture.

She was shouting when the moon temporarily covered the sun and the city was thrown into darkness.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady captures eclipse with her phone

@JalaahCrosby said:

“I love the honest reaction.”

@public_child-dikachi said:

“Na fear dey catch them. Dem see eclipse come dey reason religion. What if?”

@Amanda Katen said:

“THIS IS THE BEST solar eclipse coverage I’ve seen all day.”

@user931486952108 said:

“I love that you called the name of the lord the whole time! God Bless you.”

@Ladi Adewumi said:

“There was eclipse in Kano state, Nigeria too. When Jesus Christ returns in the sky, this is part of how all the world will see him too. God is great!”

Nigerians witness partial eclipse in Kano, Oyo

Meanwhile, some Nigerians who saw the eclipse of the sun, which happened on Monday, April 8, shared photos of it as they witnessed it partially.

Also, some captured videos of the rare solar occurrence and posted them on social media, including X.

Some of the videos and photos shared online were captured in Oyo and Kano states, where residents witnessed it.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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