Drama in UK as Nigerian Lady on Bus Places Bag On Seat to Reserve Place for Friend and is Removed

  • A man from Nigeria residing in the UK shared an incident involving two Nigerian women on a bus
  • According to his account, one lady had reserved a seat for her companion by placing a bag on it
  • However, another woman took the bag off the seat and sat down, informing the first that reserving seats in such a manner is not customary in the UK

In the UK, a Nigerian gentleman narrated an incident involving two Nigerian women on a bus.

The gentleman revealed in the clip that one of the women had reserved a seat for her friend by placing a bag on it.

A man captured the ongoing drama in the busTwo ladies were heard having an altercation. Photo credit: @bigjohnydatalkativeSource: Getty Images

However, another woman removed the bag and occupied the seat, reminding the first woman that such practices might be acceptable in Nigeria but not in the UK, as shared by @bigjohnydatalkative.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Stéfān Governor said:

“It seems UK is the 37th state of Nigeria.”

Rebel foodie wrote:

“Una still dey mark face for there ge.”

Gerald St James commented:

“Try me next time ke. Aunty opportunity comes but once, fight if you go fight.”


“How canu keep seat inside bus for UK Shey na obalende you Dey go?”


“That thing u did when you started this video means what?”

Vintage Books:

“Una don turn oyibo bus to molue.”


“Bro what’s that stuff you do ur hand in the first video.”


“Nawa o..UK don turn Lagos.”


“If u are in UK and u are not Ok please come home.”


“You left your country because it’s not working relocated to another country to be doing the same thing that made your country dysfunctional.”

laugh Hood:

“Dem suppose go drive all of una go oshodi ni.”

lleri Orimoloye:

“Someone will rhink you’re a gentleman not knowing you like aproko.”

Crafted By Rayo:

“Even for Nigeria, do they keep sit in bus for someone?”

Lady fights with mother-in-law

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a married man has revived the age-long debate on who a man should allow to sit in front of his car between his wife and his mother.

The man in question was seen escorting the mother to the car, where his wife was already seated in the front seat.

He then proceeded to ask his wife to come down from the car and sit at the back while his mum ssatin the front seat.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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