Drama as pastor asks bride to remove eyelashes or no wedding, video goes viral

  • A mild drama ensued during a church wedding as the pastor ordered the bride to remove her eyelashes
  • The Nigerian pastor refused to go on with the marriage proceedings if the bride did not remove them
  • Mixed reactions trailed a video of the wedding scene as people shared their thoughts on the pastor’s action

During a wedding, a Nigerian pastor told the bride to remove her eyelashes, or the union would not continue.

The stunned bride heeded the pastor’s directive and immediately had her lashes taken off.

Bride stunned as pastor asks her to remove her eyelashes during weddingBride told to remove her eyelashes.
Photo Credit: @thisisjessicaokahSource: TikTok

The bride shared the wedding incident on TikTok and revealed that the pastor had actually told her about the concern about eyelashes before the wedding.

Bride speaks on pastor’s eyelashes concern

She said she completely forgot and thought it would be overlooked during the wedding. @thisisjessicaokah’s clip captured when the pastor halted the church wedding over her eyelashes.

Some Nigerians were not pleased with the pastor’s action.

In another related incident, a Deeper Life church pastor ordered her daughter’s makeup removed on her wedding day.

Watch the video below:

People react to the pastor’s directive

Lade said:

“Nawa ooo I won’t answer him as for me oo I will remind him his work is to join husband and wife together.”


”Istg, that can ruin my day. I can go and remove that lashes and go home from there make everybody rest. I go dey show for reception later.”

olivera said:

“Make my papa no walk me down keh.

“With all due respect Mr.pastor na jealousy abi u no just wan wed me.”

bosslady_kingleonard1 said:

“The reason I avoided church wedding cos of their drama. Court wedding is less stressful.”

Lapips✨ said:

“I swear I no go comot am make heaven fall for ground for wetin nau.”

Queen HABIBAH said:

“Some pastors need to take chill pills it’s not that deep sir just join us together and live with peace.”

Chijioke Ibeneme said:

“If you were told before then you have two options.

“1, abide by their rules.

“2, look for another church.”

Nma hair said:

“I no go come that church again after wedding I swear.”

Church tells bride to clean off makeup

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a church had directed a bride to clean off her makeup.

According to the makeup artist, the lady had to clean her makeup for the church service, which made her (the artist) frustrated and angry because she had to start the makeup from scratch for the reception.

Although Peenfaces admitted there was not enough time after the church service to remake the lady up for the reception, she got her together in 10 minutes.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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