Detained Binance Executive Cleared of Involvement in Nigerian Affairs

Binance, a cryptocurrency company, has stated that its detained Executive, Tigran Gambaryan, is not involved in the issues the company is facing with Nigeria. They are urging for his release. Gambaryan’s wife, Mrs. Yuli Gambaryan, has also appealed to the federal government for her husband’s release to alleviate the hardships the family has endured since his detention.

In an open letter shared with Vanguard, Mrs. Gambaryan expressed her husband’s deep respect for Nigeria, emphasizing that he would not have engaged in any actions to compromise the country’s integrity. She described Gambaryan as a devoted father, loving spouse, and supportive friend to all who know him.

Mrs. Gambaryan acknowledged the government’s scrutiny of Binance’s activities but stressed that her husband is simply an employee without authority over the company’s decisions or policies affecting Nigeria. She highlighted Gambaryan’s role in combating criminal activities on the platform, emphasizing his efforts to assist governments, including Nigeria, in prosecuting and preventing illicit activities.

She shared, “Tigran is globally recognized for his significant contributions in solving crimes involving cryptocurrencies. I know many of his peers, including in Nigeria, would say that Tigran’s continuous efforts not only decrease illicit activity on Binance’s platform but for all cryptocurrencies across the world.”

The letter also revealed the emotional toll on the family due to Gambaryan’s absence, particularly on their children and his aging mother. Mrs. Gambaryan pleaded for his release, especially as their youngest child’s 5th birthday was approaching, a celebration they hoped to share as a family.

Meanwhile, Binance has also appealed to the federal government for Gambaryan’s release, highlighting his extensive background in law enforcement. The company emphasized Gambaryan’s decade-long service as a U.S. Federal Agent investigating cases related to national security, terrorism financing, and cybercrimes.

According to Binance’s official statement, Gambaryan’s role as the head of Binance’s Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) team was to address compliance issues and develop industry-standard policies. The statement detailed Gambaryan and his team’s assistance to global law enforcement, including Nigerian agencies, in freezing and seizing assets worth billions.

The statement from Binance concluded by requesting Gambaryan’s release, noting that he does not hold decision-making power within the company. Binance highlighted Gambaryan’s commitment to law enforcement and transparent financial practices, underscoring his contributions to training sessions for Nigerian law enforcement officials.

In summary, both Binance and Mrs. Yuli Gambaryan are appealing for the release of Tigran Gambaryan, emphasizing his innocence in the company’s issues with Nigeria and his significant contributions to law enforcement efforts globally.

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