Court Delivers Judgement In Case Of Kano Man Pretending To Convert From Christianity To Islam

  • A Shari’ah Court has delivered its judgement in a case involving 25-year-old Haruna Abdulkarim who pretender to convert from Christianity to Islam in Kano state
  • Abdulkarim was sentenced to 10 strokes of cane as punishment for falsely claiming conversion to Islam
  • The accused confessed that debt insolvency pushed him to falsely claim that he had converted to Islam from Christianity

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Kano state – 25-year-old Haruna Abdulkarim has been sentenced to 10 strokes of cane as punishment for falsely claiming to be a Christian and ‘converting’ to Islam in Kano state.

A Shari’ah Court sitting in Kura gave the judgement after Abdulkarim was apprehended by Hisbah personnel in the Kura local government area of the State following a tip-off.

Man sentenced to strokes of cane for faking conversion to IslamAbdulkarim claimed debt insolvency pushed him to his action. Note: Photo used only for illustration purposes
Photo credit: JACOB SILBERBERG/AFPSource: Getty Images

As reported by Leadership, Abdulkarim had been attending both daily and Friday congregational prayers, pretending to be a Christian wanting to embrace Islam.

The accused allegedly uses the strategy to solicit funds under the guise of almsgiving.

The Hisbah Commander in Kura LGA, Ali Alkasim Kura, who was suspicious of his action ordered Abdulkarim’s arrest and transferred him to the police for further investigation.

Why pretending to convert from Christianity to Islam

During the court proceeding, Abdulkarim confessed to his crime and claimed debt insolvency pushed him to his action.

Abdulkarim pleaded for leniency and vowed not to partake in such a deceitful act again.

The Shari’ah judge sentenced him to 10 strokes of cane with a warning of a harsher penalty should he be found engaging in such behaviour again.

He begged all Muslims, particularly those who had supported him for forgiveness.

He promised to seek guidance from Islamic scholars to deepen his religious understanding and prevent a recurrence of the offence.

In a similar development, a pair of judges in the United Kingdom alleged that Muslim individuals faked a conversion to Christianity. The suspects also duped Church of England clergy to claim asylum and remain in the country, Christian Headlines reports.

Ibo man changes name after conversion to Islam

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG reported the Islamic population in Nigeria grew at least by one more headcount as a young man in Imo state was welcomed into the religious circle following his open conversion from Christianity in 2018.

the new Muslim, formerly known as Emmanuel Acholonu accepted Islam at the state’s central mosque in Owerri. Muhammad Mustapha Acholonu is now his new identity.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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