Cooking Gas: Lady Shares New Price She Was Charged for 12.5kg at Station, People React

  • Reactions have been trailing a trending report about a reduction in the price of gas by dealers in the business
  • A Nigerian lady alongside other netizens stormed the comments section of a man’s post to reveal the varying prices that gas is being sold in their areas
  • Some said that 12.5 kg of gas was sold at N15k, some said N14,500, and others stated that it was sold at N12,500

Following reports that the cooking gas dealers crashed the price of 12.5kg of gas to N10,000, Nigerians have been sharing their experiences.

A Nigerian man on Facebook, Jfr Chasideho, had announced the news on his page, eliciting reactions from his followers.

Lady who bought gas shares amount she purchased gasLady speaks on price of gas in her area
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Lady shares gas price in her area

Upon seeing the Chasideho’s post, Nigerians stormed his comments section to reveal the varying prices of refilling gas in their area.

A Nigerian lady, Kemi Bababusuyi, who claimed to have refilled 12.5kg of gas reacted to his post, stating that she was charged N12,500.

“It is 12500 in my area. As at today,” she said.

Adewale Salami reacted:

“12k few hours ago here in ota.”

Netizens disputed the reduction of price in refilling 12.5kg of gas to N10,000 as everyone claimed to have used cash within the range of N12,000 to N15,000.

Reactions trail news about price of gas

The comments section was flooded with reactions from netizens who shared their experiences.

Theophilus Alechenu said:

“Audio reduction, far north 1kg is been sold at 1350.”

Dolly Owa reacted:

“I bought on Friday for 15k.”

Okoroafor Vincent reacted:

“I bought for #14, 500.”

Stanley Okoronkwo said:

“Dey play.”

Olorundajo Segun said:

“I pray it will be so.”

Eric Ilalokhoin said:

“12k at gas land at lgando.”

Gbenga Osisanya said:

“For where sir? I still bought over the weekend 14000.”

Sani Idris said:

“On Facebook street market | guess.”

Kemi Bababusuyi reacted:

“It is 12500 in my area. As at today.”

Theophilus Alechenu said:

“Audio reduction, far north 1kg is been sold at 1350.”

Lauretta Egboh said:

“Are you serious??”

Olusegun Razak said:

“It was N3600 this time last year.”

Seun Olota reacted:

“It used to be N6,000. Na to check well because Nigerian sellers no want anything to go down excess profit is the curse on them all. The reason to check well is to be sure the content is the right measure.”

See the post below:

Nigerian lady opens gas shop for herself

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian lady made a short video that captured the makeshift business centre she recently opened.

Made with planks, there were gas cylinders in the place to show that she would be selling to people from the place.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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