“Controversy Erupts as Verydarkman Criticizes Tolanibaj’s Comments About Lord Lamba”

“Controversy Erupts as Verydarkman Criticizes Tolanibaj’s Comments About Lord Lamba”

“That boy can afford to buy and feed you” – Verydarkman criticizes Tolanibaj for her remarks about Lord Lamba

Verydarkman, a media personality known for stirring controversy, has called out Tolanibaj for downplaying Lord Lamba’s achievements on their show.

During the Bants Boujee podcast, Tolanibaj mentioned Lord Lamba and Queen Saga, focusing on Lord Lamba’s role as a comedy content creator.

Verydarkman disagreed with the characterization of Lord Lamba as just an ordinary sketch creator, suggesting that being a skit maker holds significant value.

He further explained how lucrative the skit-making industry is, highlighting the investments and acquisitions skit creators can afford through their work.

Verydarkman expressed his belief that skit creators earn more money than stars from the reality show BBNaija, stating that Lamba could even choose to financially support Tolanibaj, similar to when Zubby threatened to “buy” Timini.

Here are some comments from social media:

diamond_aluede.esq commented: “Calling someone a failure when you are contradicting yourself. Why did Lamba later post the child 😂😂😂. Your story clearly shows that Queen had a plan. You mentioned they had an agreement not to post the child, yet you said Queen asked to be posted. So, where is the agreement 🤝?”

sussannerichard remarked: “Whenever it’s about women/females…you will see him with his ring light and pure water🙄🤦‍♀️🤢”

yusufjosephine wrote: “Who puts a shoe rack in the living room? Whether it’s a living room or a bedroom, sha.”

officialmakky602030 joked: “Very dark man always supports the richest in all his videos, hoping they will give him money 😂”

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