Controversy Arises as Kizz Daniel’s Greeting to Wizkid Sparks Backlash in Viral Video

Nigerian music fans were abuzz when Kizz Daniel and Wizkid’s recent encounter hit the internet, sparking both excitement and controversy. The viral video captured the two musicians coming together at an intimate indoor gathering.

In the footage that circulated widely on social media starting Tuesday, March 12, 2024, fans observed a quick and seemingly casual shoulder-to-shoulder dab exchanged between Kizz Daniel and the Grammy-winning artist, Wizkid.

However, this seemingly informal greeting received mixed reactions. Some fans criticized Kizz Daniel’s approach, finding it lacking in respect for Wizkid. On the other hand, others defended the gesture, pointing out that Wizkid is not to be idolized as a deity but rather appreciated as a fellow artist.

In celebration of his remarkable 10-year journey in the music industry, Kizz Daniel recently dropped a new EP titled ‘Thankz Alot’. Released on Monday, the four-track EP is his way of showing gratitude to his dedicated fanbase for their unwavering support throughout his career.

The EP features two previously released tracks, ‘Too Busy to Be Bae’ and ‘Twe Twe’, alongside two fresh songs, ‘Sooner’ and ‘Showa’. Known affectionately as Vado, Kizz Daniel has been a consistent force in the Nigerian music scene since his breakout in 2016 with the smash hit ‘Woju’.

With five studio albums and a string of chart-topping singles under his belt, Kizz Daniel continues to solidify his position as one of Nigeria’s most prolific and beloved artists.

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