“Check On Your Kids When they Go Silent”: Worried Mum Cries Out after Catching Twin Sons Making Mess

  • A young Nigerian mother has shared a hilarious video of her twin children who suddenly went quiet at home
  • The observant mother noticed that the children had gone silent for a while and she decided to check out what was wrong
  • After a short search for her kids, she discovered that the children had scattered several rooms in the house

A Nigerian mother living abroad has cautioned fellow mothers on the need to watch their kids especially when they go silent.

To confirm her point, she shared an experience with her twin children who suddenly went quiet at home.

Mum shares video of twin sons who scattered the houseMum advises parents to check on kids when they go quiet
Photo credit: @lifewiththetwins/TikTokSource: TikTok

Mum nabs her twins scattering the house

The mother identified as @lifewiththetwins felt something was not right and she decided to check for the children around the house.

After a brief search for the ‘quiet’ children, she found the twin boys who had already scattered different rooms in the house without mercy.

The mum kept on screaming ‘Jesus’ as she looked into the rooms which now looked like an abandoned playground.

As soon as they sighted their mother, the smart twin children began to arrange what they scattered and put them back into place.

Their mother shared the video on TikTok with the caption:

“When you have children and the house suddenly goes silent, it is probably time to investigate. It’s time to run.”

Reactions as mum shares experience with twins

Social media users took to the comments section on TikTok to share their opinions and similar experiences with their children.

@mathapelo: said:

“I like that you didn’t have to say anything ,and he started picking up the tissue rolls.”

@Jah Smith reacted:

“He said “gimme one second lemme clean this mess up… oh and by the way that door right there is closed for a reason.”

@sokari said:

“Bro in sweater looking at the TV wondering why it wasn’t smashed as per their agreement.”

@ayedeemoon said:

“This goes to show kids know exactly what they are doing. They just don’t give a damm in the moment.”

@Leah Bule wrote:

“My man said I know I was playing with some tissues but check bro in the other room.”

@Coati added:

“It is the why are you so jobless for me. Mama, update their CVs let’s get them to start applying for dem jobs asap.”

Watch the video below:

Funny mum ties son for scattering house

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a video of a mother tying her little son’s leg to a chair for disturbing the environment caused a frenzy on the popular app TikTok.

She tied his leg with a wrapper and then attached the end of it to a chair to stop the kid from moving around.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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