Celine and Afiba: Last video of one the missing girls surfaces online

  • A video showing one of the two Nigerian ladies declared missing after going on a trip to see a man in Aba has gone viral
  • The clip posted by the missing lady, Celine Ndudim, showed her eating lots of food at a classy restaurant before the sad incident
  • Social media users who watched the video took turns to share their opinions about the unfortunate situation

The last video posted on the Facebook account of Celine Ndudim has sparked emotional reactions.

Celine Ndudim and her friend Afiba Tandoh reportedly travelled from Port Harcourt to Abia state to see a man they met on Facebook.

Last Facebook video of Celine Ndudim trendsCeline Ndudim’s video at restaurant goes viral
Photo credit: Celine Ndudim/Facebook.Source: Facebook

According to a human right activist, Harrison Gwamnishu on Instagram, Celine and Afiba were later hold hostage and subsequently declared missing shortly after their trip.

Last video of Celine Ndudim on Facebook

A quick glimpse at Celine Ndudim’s page on Facebook showed her last video which was taken at a classic restaurant.

The video showed her sitting at the high-class restaurant and enjoying premium meals while filming herself.

Reactions trail lady video of Celine Ndudim

Nigerians stormed the comments section to share their thoughts about the video.

Peace Donald reacted:

“Repent! No one knows what will happen in a blink of an eye. Bible says some will not see death until the trumpet sounds but some will. What ever decision you are making per sec ensure it will lead you to eternal life not eternal condemnation.”

Precious Ifeanyi said:

“I just hope that you are alive and safe.. Of not Rest in Peace. So sad what Nigeria has become with this Organ harvesting hullabaloo.”

Anayo Okorie wrote:

“See her lavish lifestyle. Girls wey dey shine shine like this. Her death don expose their secret. U go see them for road fear go catch you. U go think say na hard working girl.”

Nonso Collinsen reacted:

“This is what happens when you want to live your life on a fast lane. It’s sad that she’s gone!The problem is that others will still not learn.”

Ada Nnaya added:

“I wish you had a little patient and not worry about speed or carried away by youthful exuberance, I have seen you twice even though I don’t know you on a personal ground but you were such a friendly, nice and warmth person, the world doesn’t blame you as much, we blame the system, if only we can turn the hands of time am totally speechless and till now this still feels unrealistic.”

See the post below:

Lady cries out as sister goes missing

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a student of the University of Abuja, Halima, reportedly went missing after heading to school.

Her family received a disturbing phone call from an unknown person claiming that the owner of her phone was dead.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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