Celine and Afiba: Ben shares last message Andrew sent him before he was taken

  • Ben Samuel, a close friend of Andrew, has spilt more regarding the case of the missing ladies Celine and Afiba
  • In an interview with Daddy Freeze, Ben, who claimed to be a journalist, said Andrew drove himself on the day the police came for him
  • Ben shared the last message Andrew sent to him on the morning of May 22, saying the police were taking him to Abuja

Ben Samuel has claimed Andrew Ochekwo, the main suspect in the case of the missing Celine and Afiba, had driven his car on the day the police were to move him to Abuja.

Ben stated this during an interview with media personality Daddy Freeze.

Reactions as Ben Samuel spills last message Andrew Ochekwo sent himBen Samuel said Andrew messaged him before he was taken out of his abode in Abia.
Photo Credit: Harrison GwamnishuSource: Facebook

Ben, who had earlier said Andrew was battling with depression, went on to detail his last conversation with the late suspect.

In his words:

“Andrew wrote me that morning (May 22) and said they were taking him to Abuja, that the preliminary find out of the police in Aba in Abia State have confirmed that these girls were on a self-kid… They have given him back his phone, they have asked him that he’s going to Abuja to answer questions.

“And I’m like, great, call your lawyer and go to Abuja and answer questions. That’s what I said…”

What reportedly happened in Andrew’s house

Ben shared with Daddy Freeze during the interview what transpired in Andrew’s house on the day of the arrest.

“…Andrew told me he requested to drive his own car…Andrew drove, the police did not drive. The people that drove from that compound, it was Andrew. The police sat with him and they drove…”

Ben pointed accusing fingers at the police and slammed Nigerians making conspiratory theories about the unsolved missing persons’ case.

Netizens drag Ben Samuel

@paulineosaghae2979 said:

“The UK government should arrest this man to investigate him.”

@thebardguy7487 said:

“If you couldn’t call the police, why couldn’t you write? You said you’re a journalist. Why couldn’t you write to blogs? It’s the 21st century.”

@ojuoluwanwoo said:

“If Andrew was not well, why was he not sent to a psychiatrist for examination during the 2 months he was detained by the police. Instead they were extorting him.”

@brightjoseph2242 said:

“Oga, you said he never told you he was declared wanted. This means it is not everything you knew about him. Andrew might be working with others but never told you mr man.”

@alfredetepe3419 said:

“Daddy freeze u see that andrew friend walahi if this case happens in uk they take him for questions. I believe he knows more.”

@nnekairoegbu2360 said:

“The police need to investigate this guy to tell us what he really knows about his friend Andrew.”

Alleged video of Celine and Afiba clothless

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that an alleged video of the missing Celine and Afiba was shared online.

Analysing the Celine-Afiba-Andrew case, a female guest on In-Depth Analysis released the rare video of the missing ladies.

She was speaking with Ben, a man who claimed to be Andrew’s friend for 10 years. The ladies were naked and motionless on the bed. She claimed the clip was the last of the ladies.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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