Canada-based man shares his epic convo with 6 ladies who rejected him in Nigeria

  • A Nigerian man has narrated how six ladies who rejected him came back to him after he relocated to Canada
  • According to him, the ladies have been bugging him and questioning him on why he didn’t pressure them to accept him
  • Social media users who read the post on the X app took turns to drag the ladies mercilessly over their actions

A Nigerian man has shared his funny experience with six ladies after relocating abroad.

In his tweet, he confessed that he asked the ladies out before he relocated to Canada but they all rejected him.

Man surprised as 6 ladies who rejected him run backPhoto credit: @COROIMAGE, Bloomberg/ Getty Images.
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Six ladies who rejected man return

The man who shared his story to @wizarab10 on X said he was surprised when the ladies reached out to him after hearing that he had relocated.

They sent countless messages inquiring to know why he didn’t apply more pressure on them for a relationship when he was in Nigeria.

According to him, one of the ladies who told him that she couldn’t do long distance relationship from Ogun to Oshogbo now expressed interest in dating him despite his relocation to Canada.

In his words:

“Nigerian babes are funny. Moved to Canada recently and like 6 babes that rejected me back then are in my DM asking me why I didn’t put pressure then. One told me she can’t do LDR from Ogun to Oshogbo but now she’s ready for LDR. Different friendly match bookings when next I visit home.”

Reactions as man shares experience with ladies

Nigerians stormed the comments section to share their thoughts about the post.

Yemi said:

“Bro would see the difference between relationship in Nigeria and outside the shores of Nigeria. Majority of Nigerian women are not looking for love, but help. Always on survival mode. Leave Nigerian women alone.”

ManOfHonour reacted:

“To many Nigerian girls japa is synonymous to a better life so now they realize the better life you would have given them and regret not taking the opportunity when it came. Thus they rebound.”

Prince Adebayo reacted:

“God bless you!!! Most of them are looking for help and also a man who can help financially and they can settle down with. Even your Ex go come back!”

Addelcares added:

“It is what it is. Most of the Nigerian ladies just want a successful man. The mentality of using relationship to escape poverty is beginning to kill our people.”

Dnpassion added:

“Nigeria ladies only love you when they see potentials or when you’re making it in life especially those ones from my tribe.”

See the post below:

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Source: Fox Nigeria

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