Brymo Completes Burna Boy’s Diss Song Lyrics with a Smile – Video Goes Viral

Brymo, the Nigerian singer, is making waves online after a video surfaced showing him handling a diss song made by Burna Boy with grace and a smile.

During an episode of comedian Isbae U’s YouTube show “Curiosity Made Me Ask,” Isbae U asked Brymo to complete the lyrics of a diss song Burna Boy had made about him. The lyrics were, “Alliamdulilahi, I shine like diamond, hustle hard make you no go fall off like…”

Brymo swiftly responded with a smile, saying “Brymo.”

This moment has caused quite a stir online, with many praising Brymo for his cool and collected response. It’s a clear example of how Brymo embodies the saying “you can’t shame the shameless.”

Previously, Burna Boy had made headlines with a freestyle where he threw shade at Brymo by including the lyrics, “Alliamdulilahi I shine like a diamond, hustle hard make you no fall like Brymo.”

This diss came after Brymo accused Burna Boy of stealing his song and called him out for lacking originality. However, during the interview with Isbae U, Brymo handled the situation with maturity and poise, earning respect from fans and viewers alike.

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