Bride who went blind few hours to wedding shares what caused it, people react

  • A new Nigerian bride has stirred emotions online after sharing how she suddenly went blind 36 hours to her wedding
  • According to the bride, she was prescribed a wrong eye drop by a pharmacist and it made her go blind the next day
  • The heartbroken lady has no other choice than to continue with her wedding plan despite not being able to see

A Nigerian bride has shared her experience with blindness which struck her 36 hours to her wedding.

She sadly lost her sight after a pharmacist prescribed a wrong eye drop for her and asked her to use it night.

Bride goes blind few hours to weddingNigerian bride shares cause of blindness on wedding eve
Photo credit: @explorraa/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Bride wakes up blind on wedding eve

The next day, the bride identified as @explorraa on the TikTok app said she woke up blind with her pupils dilated.

At a point, her eyes began to tear up due to light rays and she was rushed back to the pharmacist who gave her the eye drop.

They however met another pharmacist on duty who expressed shock at the particular eye drop given to her.

According to the pharmacist, the eye drop was extreme and only used by an ophthalmologist to purposely dilate the pupils before examining the health of the optive nerve and retina.

Seeing how sensitive her situation was, she was booked for an emergency appointment with an optometrist who sadly told her that the time frame between the sad incident and her wedding was too short to fully recover her sight.

She had no choice than to continue with her wedding in her condition while still undergoing medical attention to see perfectly again.

She narrated:

“How I lost my sight 24 hours to my wedding and got married partially blind. 36 hours before my wedding, I went to the pharmacy to get eye drops because my eyes were a bit red from preparation stress.

“I explained why I needed the eye drop and the pharmacist prescribed an eye drop to me I was instructed to use it at night before bedtime which I did.

“I woke up the next day blind. Like I couldn’t see. My pupils were diluted. My eyes started tearing as the light ray was too much for my eyes to comprehend.

“My vision was totally blur. I could only see very blur shapes but nothing more. I was completely blind only 24 hours to my wedding.

“I was taken back to the pharmacy where I bought the eye drop and the pharmacist that prescribed the eye drop to me was not on shift.

“Because of the intensity of the situation, she was called to come to the pharmacy asap. The other pharmacist couldn’t understand why I was given such eye drop.

“The eye drop was mostly used for eye surgery or by an ophthalmologist to purposely dilate the pupils to fully examine the health of the optive nerve and the retina.

“To think I was given such extreme eye drop was out of everyone’s understanding. When the pharmacist came she was scared. Seeing how seriously sensitive the situation was, they booked me for an immediate optometrist appointment.

“When we got to the optometrist, as soon as he examined my eyes he told me it would take a while for me to regain my sight fully and there’s no way I would get my sight restored in 24 hours so I might have to go on with my wedding in that condition. I cried so much. The devil tried but he failed.”

Reactions as bride loses sight

Social media users stormed the comments section on the TikTok app to share their thoughts about the video.

@Slim said:

“They give u drucamid eye drop, we use it for dilatation to detect the problem of d eye not for redness, the doctor suppose to give u anthalagy or nemo tear eye drop not drucamid.”

@Anniesfits said:

“That was how a chemist gave my sis a ear drop instead of eye drop and her eyes started shedding blood and couldn’t see anything.”

@Momna added:

“I believe it was same eye drop I was given at the hospital,but I was instructed to stay home and not do anything,it’s for testing purposes,after a day.”

@Diana_unisex_stitches reacted:

“That was how I was also given wrong meds instead of tetracycline. Na God save me.”

@Horpsyebony added:

“When I tell people about this they don’t believe me. I went blind for 2 weeks cos of wrong eye drop not a prescription though I went to a friend plant used his own.”

Watch the video below:

Woman goes blind, loses 2 kids

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian woman, Mrs Mulikat Sofiu cried out for public assistance after going blind three years ago and having nothing to fall back on.

Not only that, but Mrs Mulikat also lost all her kids to the cold hands of death and has no kid of her own to take care of her in the present circumstance.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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