Breaking; Biden’s State of the Union: Will the Speech Make a Difference

Biden’s Big Speech: Will It Change Anything?

President Biden is getting ready to give a big speech called the State of the Union address. But here’s the thing: history shows that this speech might not make a big difference for him.

Right now, President Biden’s approval rating is not so high, around 38.1%. Some people who voted for him in 2020 are now thinking about supporting Trump instead. Also, many people in a recent poll thought Biden was too old to be a good president.

So, you might think this speech is a chance for Biden to turn things around, to show why people should support him. But in reality, looking back at past State of the Union speeches, they haven’t really changed much for other presidents.

Since 1978, after these big speeches, presidents’ approval ratings have only moved about 1.9% in either direction. This means the speech doesn’t usually make people like the president more or less.

One reason might be that most of the people watching the speech already support the president. For example, last year, more Democrats watched than Republicans or independents.

The State of the Union isn’t just about popularity. It’s also a time for the president to talk about what they want to do, like new laws or ideas. But even then, history shows that only about 24% of these ideas actually become laws.

President Biden also has other challenges. Congress is divided, meaning it’s hard to get everyone to agree on new laws. And since it’s an election year, not much usually gets done.

So, when President Biden gives his speech, it might sound more like a campaign talk than a list of plans. But even if it’s a great speech, it might not change much for him. So, maybe he can take a deep breath and not worry too much about the outcome.

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