Boy who repeated JSS2 and always came last 3 in class smashes 2024 JAMB exam

  • A boy with a learning disorder has done himself and his family proud with his performance in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam
  • While sharing his UTME result on social media, his relative revealed he repeated JSS2 and was in the last three positions each term in class
  • Quite to their amazement, the boy did excellently in the UTME, scoring 95 in physics and 91 in mathematics

A Nigerian lady has excitedly shared the UTME result of her relative, who has dyslexia.

The boy worried his people as he was not performing well in school, in addition to his learning disorder.

Boy who always came last 3 in class and repeated JSS2 scores very high in JAMB examThe boy has dyslexia.
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According to Mayo Clinic, dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding).

The boy repeated JSS2

@HUNeeyB explained that her relative’s situation was so severe that he always came in the last three positions in class each term and repeated JSS2. This made @HUNeeyB’s aunt pray to God about the boy’s situation, and a miracle happened.

She wrote:

“My aunt sent me this . My cousin was diagnosed with dyslexia, repeated jss2, was always in the last 3 positions in term results. My aunt took it to God, it was a burden to her and God came through! A miracle. From last 3 positions to the first 3 positions, now this in Jamb!”

Boy with dyslexia scores high

Amid the mass underperformance recorded in the JAMB exam, the boy had 69 in use of English, 91 in mathematics, 95 in physics and 64 in chemistry to put his total at 319.

See the tweet below:

Akwa Ibom boy smashes UTME with 347

In another related report, an Akwa Ibom boy smashed the 2024 UTME with an impressive score.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Aniebiet’s older sister, Goodnews Philip, proudly displayed his UTME result. Goodnews stated that she was too excited not to share the news.

The intelligent lad had 95 in mathematics, 94 in physics, 88 in chemistry and 70 in English, making him one of the handful of UTME candidates who scored 300 and above.

UTME result of girl promised N10k surfaces

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man had cried out after seeing the result of a girl he promised N10k if she scored high in her UTME.

He said the girl, Andrew Khikmwa Lar, called him to inform him that she had sent him her account details and her UTME score, urging him to do the needful.

Khikmwa told him he could keep the extra score she got. From the screenshot Sunenna shared on Facebook, the girl got an aggregate of 251. The art student had 68 in English, 60 in government, 64 in Literature-in-English and 59 in CRS.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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